Vulcano – more than a frying pan

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Suppliers


In the Vulcano CeraPlus you fry vegetable, sliced beef or potatoes crispy and gently. The ceramic non-stick coating is extremely hard and resistant. It can withstand temperatures of very high heat. The Vulcano CeraPlus frying pans are recoatable and therefore extremely durable.


The Vulcano Classic is perfectly suitable for food that sticks easily. Thanks to the abrasion-resistant non-stick coating, airy egg dishes or fine fish fillet and breaded escalope do not stick to the surface of the frying pan. Vulcano Classic frying pans can be heated up highly, they are recoatable and therefore extremely durable.

Have a look @ AM’s Vulcano Ceramic & Classic

About the Supplier

Head-quartered in Switzerland, but spread across the globe through direct and indirect distribution channels, Andy Mannhart AG has established itself as a leading international “one-stop-centre” for the sourcing and supply of kitchen equipment and utensils as well as table top ranges to the professional trade.




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