Villeroy & Boch brings nature into the bathroom – Naturally beautiful bathroom designs

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Naturally beautiful – beautifully natural. Wood is one of the key players of the natural living trend. Vibrant colours and natural stone create a modern, cosy atmosphere. Bathrooms are also a place for nature: bathroom collections from Villeroy & Boch add natural flair.

Legato bathroom furniture: Authentic wood look

Wood is a must-have for the natural living trend. Furniture that looks like wood is popular in bathrooms, such as from the Legato collection featuring different surfaces with a wood look. The black brown Oak Graphite, the dark brown Santana Oak, the warm Elm Impresso or the light, finely grained White Wood – they not only look deceptively real, but feel real, too. A big plus: high-quality materials and perfect craftsmanship make the furniture easy to look after and very robust. Moisture in the bathroom won’t affect it, even if long showers or baths are taken. The Legato furniture has a delicate and linear design and comes in a huge range of models. All this makes it a true all-rounder that can be combined with many different Villeroy & Boch bathroom ranges.

Artis washbasins: Vibrant colours

Green lends bathrooms a wonderfully natural touch. The 2017 Pantone colour, the yellowy green Greenery, adds a vibrant touch as do the dual-colour washbasins in the Artis range whose expressive green shades stand for vitality and fresh power – designed by Gesa Hansen. Or preferably blue? The colour of the sea and the sky has a remarkably calming and relaxing effect. The German-Danish designer Gesa Hansen also created four expressive shades of this colour. Whether a boost of freshness or a haven of peace, green or blue – Villeroy & Boch not only has washbasins, but also baths in colour. Colour on Demand allows you to select your favourite natural tones from a wide range of colours for the Squaro Edge 12, Loop&Friends, La Belle and Aveo New Generation bath ranges.

But that’s not all: shower areas can also have a natural look. Thanks to the innovative ViPrint digital printing technology for the ultra-flat Subways Infinity ceramic shower trays. There is a choice of expressive decors, Inspired by Nature. Distinctive wood structures and realistic stone textures give bathrooms a calming and authentic touch – perfect for modern and classic bathrooms in a natural style.

The Park Lees hotel, a Recent Hotel Project by Villeroy & Boch

The minimalist design of the Park Lees hotel draws inspiration from the tranquility of the neighbouring park. The elegant interior design takes its inspiration from the tranquillity of the park in the heart of the city. The architects CJ interior design from Kaohsiung opted for a minimalist style focusing on understated naturalness, pure materials and handicrafts. All rooms are in harmonious warm colours with organic flowing forms with white highlights, while the large floor-to-ceiling windows flood the rooms with daylight and the soothing greenery of the park. In the bathrooms, which have grey-glass sliding doors, the natural look is continued with Villeroy & Boch porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles. MY EARTH offers a ceramic version of structured natural stone with all its features and rich detail and a large range of colours and designs. The LUCERNA range has a distinctive natural stone look with the surface structure of slate and multifaceted marbling. The 35 x 70 cm and 30 x 60 cm rectangular formats are laid horizontally on the wall in a brickwork pattern, giving the rooms additional width and a refined and lively impression.


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