Vietnam’s Bird Island design project takes flight

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Design

Overlooking the ambitious Bird Island project in Nha Trang, Vietnam

A dekko into Vietnam’s Ngoc Thao island project by Franken Architekten, which marries hospitality with sustainable tourism and living.

An island in Vietnam is set to take flight with a bold new concept intended to improve living and working conditions for people on the island, as well as draw tourists and travelers to this incredible part of the world.

Franken Architekten develop the first phase of Bird Island masterplan

Vietnam has long been popular with tourists, travellers and thrill seekers alike who have come to experience its rustic charm, delta waters and incredible food.

But this hasn’t always spelled good news for Vietnam’s population or even for its pristine beaches and secluded islands.

A new initiative marks a move away from this old-timey interpretation of Vietnam and towards a bright new future, one in which tourism, sustainability and local living can co-exist in harmony.

Bird Island is north of Nha Trang in the centre of Vietnam and benefits from its location beside the Cai River.

The masterplan has been conceived of in four phases, the first of which Franken Architekten is to oversee and develop.

The first phase will include the creation of a community centre, a public plaza and central square, a hotel and resort complex and several private villas.

These new amenities will take up 14.5ha, use existing paths and give priority to mature trees and local residences so that the new development respects and harmonises with the current structures.

A marriage of hospitality and sustainability

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism are hot topics in the world of hospitality these days, but it can sometimes be difficult to discern the buzzwords from actual sustainable achievements.

One of the ways the Bird Island development is intending to marry tourism and sustainability is by working around what is already present on the island and then complementing it with new and necessary amenities, facilities and provisions.

The existing church, which is currently the focal point for locals living in the area, will be retained and connected to the new public plaza, ensuring that the heart of the community continues to beat.

The plaza will welcome visitors as soon as they reach the island, which can be done either by car or by boat. Here guests can dine, be entertained and enjoy the sights and sounds of the island marina.

The hotel, resort and villas will provide guests with an ample choice of places to stay and cater to individuals, couples or families.

It will also be a source of employment for locals and aim to respect the community and culture in existence there already.

Future phases will aim to redesign the coastline and learn from the progress made in the earlier phases.

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