Two Roads Hospitality’s evolving portfolio

by | May 10, 2018 | Design

Two Roads Hospitality is forging ahead on their path to expanding their portfolio, two years after the company’s inception.

Two Roads Hospitality formed in 2016 when two hotel brands decided to unite to bring a new hospitality concept to adventurous travelers seeking a completely unique holiday experience. We take a look inside how the company has grown and their plans to continue expanding into the future.

Two brands, one vision

Two years ago, two hospitality organisations made the bold move of joining forces to reimagine what a hotel group could be. Destination Hotels and Commune Hotels + Resorts teamed up in 2016 to unite their diverse portfolios to create one master company that championed the particular identity of the locations they chose to site their hotels in. Both brands celebrated the individuality of their hotels independently, but this shared vision was enough of a reason for them to come together to make more of an impact on the world of hospitality. Recognising the growth in demand for both unique hotels and custom made experiences, Two Roads Hospitality was formed.

One company with many personalities

Two Roads CEO Jamie Sabatier is pleased with how the merger has gone, saying, “You had two companies with pretty successful histories: the urban Commune, and Destination with the resort focus. We brought these two companies together by taking advantage of those different successes. 2016 was a year of organization and 2017 was a year of optimization and unifying the company—one purpose, one set of values, one management team. We’re not going to grow so quickly that we crumble because we have a strong foundation of culture, people, and values.” Having said that, the project pipeline for the company is strong, with its portfolio expanding in the American and Asian markets.

The benefit of marrying these two companies is that Two Roads now has a diverse collection of hotel types, all of which offer distinct services to different types of traveler. Thompson Hotels is the company’s luxury lifestyle brand, and had a hit in recent years with the hotly anticipated openings of the Beekman in New York and Thompson Seattle. Joie de Vivre, formerly under the Commune Hotels + Resorts umbrella, gives Two Roads its collection of boutique hotels in urban destinations. Destination Hotels focuses mainly on converting existing hotels into part of a new soft brand collection, allowing Two Roads to increase its portfolio without having to incorporate new build projects into their pipeline. Joie de Vivre is expanding its presence in San Francisco, while Thompson is making itself known in Texas.


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