TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR Vienna puts spotlight on DACH hotel project pipeline

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Events

TOPHOTELPROJECTS closes out 2018 with the year’s final TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event.

The final TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event of 2018 took place on December 6th in the SO/ Vienna in the Austrian capital, placing a strong focus on hotel development in the DACH region. DACH is an acronym for D — Deutsch (Germany), A — Österreich (Austria), and CH — Schweiz (Switzerland).

Inside DACH development

TOPHOTELPROJECTS Founder and CEO Rolf W. Schmidt presented a statistical overview of hotel development in Europe, with specific focus on the DACH countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The project pipeline for the region involves the creation of an incredible 943 new projects, which will bring 131,063 guest rooms and suites to these three countries. Germany will benefit from the biggest number of new openings, with 764 projects in the works, while Austria will welcome 92 hotels and Switzerland 87.

Most of these new hotels will be classed as mid-scale or first class, with each category receiving 326 and 389 new additions respectively. A total of 130 new budget properties will form part of the total, while the remaining 98 will be in the luxury sector. Almost half of these proposed projects are currently in the planning phase, with over a third opening next year, and over a quarter in 2020.

Creative Spark winner

The now famous Creative Spark design competition pits three stellar hotel designs in the region against each other.

This time, the winners were the design team behind the 25hours Hotel Das Tour in Dusseldorf, Germany. Ursula Fuss and Erik Nissen Johansen were on hand to accept their award, and the hotel was praised by judges for its marriage of French sophistication with German practicality.

The hotel is also notable for its barrier-free access to 10% of the 198 rooms.

Johansen said, “It’s amazing. It’s the smartest brands in the industry and they voted for us.” He also elaborated on his thoughts behind the winning design, saying, “It’s a crash between creativity and sanity. Insanity and sanity”, and lauding it as a love story between French glamour and German ingenuity.

25hours Hotel Das Tour was up against Amadria Park Capital Zagreb and Strandhotel Atlantic and Villa Meeresstrand, eventually beating them to the post at the end of the day.

Panel discussion and roundup

The panel discussion at TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR Vienna discussed the important topic of how a new generation of hotel guests will shape the future of the hotel market.

Millennials have already forced hoteliers to think about new models of hospitality, and the coming years will prove to be just as challenging to hotel groups and brands as the most recent years have been.

In 2019, the TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR grows stronger and goes to London, Singapore, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Dubai, New York and Shanghai. Get in touch with Kayley van der Velde to be part of our trendsetting networking events around the globe.



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