TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR heads to Barcelona this summer [Video]

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Events

The fourth TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event of 2019 will be held in Barcelona, Spain

The hospitality industry’s biggest names prepare to head to Spain for the next installment of the TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR conference

Summer 2019 is off to a flying start with the next TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event hitting Barcelona on June 27th.

We take a look inside the event to see what’s in store for delegates.

TOPHOTELPROJECTS lands in Barcelona

2018 was one of the biggest years for TOPHOTELPROJECTS and their now-famous TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR series of boutique networking events.

And what a year it was – industry professionals from all corners of the globe gathered in diverse regions over the past 12 months to network, learn and engage.

2019 has been building on last year’s success and has already seen a host of wonderful events take place in such varied and exotic destinations as London, Singapore and Los Angeles.

This sets the scene for an even bigger and better schedule this summer which will kick off on June 27th with the first summer event taking place in Barcelona, Spain.

Speakers and schedules

As with every TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event, there will be a healthy dose of networking opportunities, with the eight “Change Table” sessions peppered throughout the morning and afternoon, designed to allow every delegate to meet every other attendee.

The four keynote presentations will be on the topics of networking, trends in the economy and innovation.

TOPHOTELPROJECTS CEO Rolf W. Schmidt will address the audience on the status of the European market in terms of hotel development, the continent’s pipeline and who the biggest players in the industry are at the moment.

We are delighted to welcome back familiar faces such as Heleri Rande, and there will be a fascinating panel discussion about how hotels can better use their amenities to cater to modern travellers’ needs.

The list of confirmed speakers at TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR Barcelona so far includes Heather White from Smarter Networking and Matt Aspiotis Morley from Biofit among others.

Creative Spark

In Barcelona, three amazing creations will compete for the Creative Spark prize.

Creative Spark is a competition between three architects/interior designers where delegates act as judges. Candidates present their projects and further explain their work as part of a panel discussion.

It’s the perfect opportunity for delegates to catch up on the latest hotel projects and hospitality design trends in general.

You’ll have to attend the conference to find out who wins!


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About the Event


27 June 2019 | Barcelona, Spain

The day-long industry conference offers delegates the chance to network with other leading industry professionals from all sectors of the hospitality industry


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