Top Three Rules of Hotel Sustainability

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Design

Everyone in every sector of the hospitality industry should be making it a priority to operate the most sustainable hotel possible. Apart from the obvious ways that sustainability can be incorporated into the design at the early stages, there are so quick and easy sustainable fixes that every hotel should be implementing. Check them out below.

Calculate the hotel waste

When we think of waste, we often think of it in terms of rubbish that is thrown out. But in reality, there are lots of other types of waste to consider when we are talking about sustainability. One of the quickest ways to a more sustainable hotel is to conduct a waste audit across a number of different areas of your hotel – water, food and refuse. The refuse audit will account for what percentage of recyclables your hotel uses, while looking closely at the water sources and outlets will tell you where you could be reusing or collecting water to make your water system more efficient. Food waste is perhaps something that many hotel restaurants don’t consider, as it is something that just comes with the territory. But taking a realistic stock of how much food is thrown out, or how much is coming back from customers’ plates could give a hotel restaurant a new insight into how much waste there is. One way to combat this is to decrease the portion sizes, or to look for guests’ eating patterns when it comes to the breakfast buffet so as not to encourage people to fill their plates with food they won’t eat.

Let your guests help

More and more, studies in tourism trends are showing that the modern traveler is seeking out sustainable tourism. This means that they are likely to be conscious of how their holiday will affect their environmental footprint. While it may be impossible to avoid flying to their desired destination, they will often be more than happy to engage in sustainable hotel policies such as recycling and limiting their consumption of water and electricity. However, guests are on holidays after all, and so might need reminding that it is possible to fulfill their environmental duties while on vacation. Installing friendly signs in bathrooms about water usage and replacement of linen and towels can go a long way towards saving on energy from cleaning. Gentle reminders to turn off the lights when they leave the room or to set the air conditioner to a certain temperature have all proved effective in reducing costs across the boards in hotels, so it’s worth giving it a shot

Buy in bulk

As much as guests love the mini soaps, shampoos and conditioners that hotels have in the bathrooms, it goes without saying that all of this mini packaging is bad for the environment. Many hotels that are pursuing sustainable goals have found that buying those sorts of products in bulk and then transferring them to durable and elegant containers in the guest rooms cuts down on waste while still keeping customers happy. Investing in high-quality dispensers is an easy fix for the packaging problem, and one that can reinforce the identity of the hotel if you go the extra step of branding the dispensers.



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