Top 5 New Bathroom Products for Hotels in 2016

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Suppliers

The bathroom is one of the most important aspects of the facilities that hotels provide to guests. In fact, studies have shown that guests who complain about hotels in online forums such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, most often cite a messy or substandard bathroom as the major motivation for their gripes.

To that end, it’s important that hotel ownership groups maintain a high level of quality in the infrastructure of their bathrooms, and vital to that effort is updating the fixtures and products that guests find in that room.

Here is a look at five of the best bathroom products released for hotels in 2016.

1. Ino by Laufen. This new collection of bathroom features was designed by Toan Nguyen. It’s made from Laufen’s SaphirKeramik brand material, and it offers a lightweight and modern set of washbasins and other bathroom furniture, including a freestanding bathtub. The washbasins that make up Ino come in many shapes, all of which feature stylish clean lines and a near-weightless feel. The freestyle tub is shaped like an oval, and it includes a slim rim that gives it a very distinct look, as well as a headrest, which is optional. The washbasins have been praised as easy to clean, and as the perfect complement to ceramic pieces. Ino washbasins are available in a matte white or walnut finish, and the entire range can be combined with other Laufen bathroom ranges, seamlessly.


2. ViFresh rimless toilet by Villeroy & Boch. The ViFresh rimless toilet combines a fresh fragrance and cleaning action with a user-friendly system, which is perfect for hotels. Its rimless ViFresh toilet has an integrated compartment for rim blocks and gels, and it also features the latest state-of-the-art flush technology. ViSeat, another innovative toilet from Villeroy & Boch, also features heating, sensor detection for auto opening, and a night-light so guests don’t have to expose themselves to harsh lighting in the middle of the night. Both products are made from hard-wearing Duroplast.

3. AquaClean Mera by Geberit. Imagine seeing a standard bathroom form the outside, but finding a range of impressive technologies concealed within. That’s what hotel owners get with AquaClean Mera, a product line that also offers high-quality materials, smooth lines, and a seamless finish. The toilet in the line has a proximity sensor that automatically raises the lid or warms the seat when a guest approaches, as well as a rimless pan to improve hygiene, a discreet light for night use, and a built-in odor extractor. This line is available as either standing or wall-hung.

4. WaterDream by Axon. Axon, the industry-famous bathroom specialist and sprout manufacturer, recently announced five new spout concepts as part of its WaterDream 2016 exhibition. The concept designs were created in partnership with Werner Asslinger, Jean-Marie Massaud, GamFratesi, Front, and David Adjaye. All of the prototypes for these products use alternative materials in unconventional shapes.

faucet-25. The Concept Air and Tesi Collections by Ideal Standard. These collections boast a variety of ceramic products that tap into minimalistic design trends. All told, this range includes 27 products, within which are 17 finer ceramics, three furniture options, and two freestanding bathtub designs.


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