Top 10 Hotel Brands in the United States

by | May 29, 2017 | Chains

The United States has long been an important and leading market in the global hospitality industry, rich with a variety of cities and regions to entice tourists, as well as a vital business traveler economy thanks to cities like Los Angeles, Miami and, of course, New York.

With that in mind, there is not a single major hospitality industry stakeholder that would not benefit from staying informed of what’s happening in the US. The vibrancy of the market fosters constant and dynamic change, meaning those who think they know what’s been happening there may have outdated knowledge and information.

Let’s take a look at the 10 brands that have the most hotel construction projects in their United States’ pipelines, beginning with aloft Hotels. This hip, stylish brand currently has a grand total of 44 projects in the works throughout the United States. Once completed, these projects are expected to yield aLoft approximately 6,829 new rooms for guests, making aLoft the leader in terms of new US hotel construction projects.

The number two brand on the list is Hampton, which aesthetically has nothing whatsoever in common with aLoft, yet seems poised to match the brand’s rapid pace of expansion. Hampton currently has 43 projects in the works in the United States, which once completed are projected to yield 5,414 rooms. Hampton is reliable and steady brand that thrives on consistency, whereas aLoft is far more innovative and trailblazing.

The next entry on the list is Residence Inn by Marriott, which has 33 projects for a total of 4,598 rooms. Residence Inn has more in common with Hampton, than it does with aLoft. Meanwhile, the next entry on the list is element by Westin, another more modern entry that specializes in up to date design and environmentally friendly properties. Element has 31 projects in the works for a total of 4,691 rooms, and its flagship US property is located in one of the country’s most prominent areas—smack dab in the heart of New York City’s Times Square.

At number five on the list is Home2 by Hilton, which has 30 projects that will yield a grand total of 3,478 rooms. At number six, just behind Hilton’s Home2, is another Hilton property, Garden Inn, which is a brand somewhat similar to Hampton. Garden Inn’s pipeline currently shows a total of 29 projects in the works, which once completed will have added 4,423 new rooms.

At number seven is Marriott Hotels and Resorts, with 28 projects that are slated to add a whopping 10,255 rooms. Obviously, these will mark some of Marriott’s larger properties in the United States. At number eight is another Marriott brand, AC Hotels, which is adding 28 projects with 4,598 new rooms, while at number nine is Tru by Hilton, which is adding 28 projects for 2,834 new rooms.

Rounding out the list at number 10 is Cambria Hotels and Suites with 26 projects and 4,093 rooms.


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