TKHS unveils mobile warehousing solution for the hospitality industry

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Mobile Warehousing Solution for the Hospitality Industry

The modular TKHS Tent structures provide a safe and sheltered storage environment for FF&E, OS&E and other owner supplied materials.

TKHS are proud to unveil our latest solution for the storage, sorting and distribution of owner supplied material. The first TKHS Tent was implemented to support one of the Group’s construction projects in Manila, Philippines.
The 2,100 SQM structure provides a safe and sheltered storage environment for owner supplied materials required onsite. The 7m internal height also allows racking systems to be installed to maximize space utilization for palletised cargo.

The Advantages of Temporary Warehouse Buildings

When it comes to on-site storage and staging area, large-scale hospitality projects come with distinct challenges. To ensure that the project is completed within the specified timetable and budget, it’s important to have labour, materials, and equipment worth millions on-site as and when necessary. Project managers can ensure that all necessary materials are practically within arm’s reach by turning to the use of temporary warehouse structures. The provision of temporary spaces to be used for staff breaks and meetings also become possible.

Drawbacks of Off-site Storage

Security issues and transportation expenses and delays make off-site storage costly and also a major risk to project completion. Ordering, loading, and transporting supplies to the site can leave construction workers waiting for delivery, leading to wasted labour hours. To facilitate access to equipment, tools, and parts on demand, these temporary structures can be installed within close proximity to the site.

The installation of temporary storage structures isn’t considered to be time-consuming. Whether asphalt, concrete, or directly on the ground, these structures can be put up on just about any surface.

In any site, workers are considered to be the most valuable resource. Project delivery time can be reduced with a productive workforce. In addition to housing construction supplies, the provision of comfortable climate-controlled structures to be used as staff meeting and break rooms can help boost staff productivity. Although they are referred to as temporary warehouse buildings, these structures are designed to be sturdy, to survive the rigors of a busy site, and durable.

TKHS has emerged as the Asia-Pacific market leader in providing logistics solutions for the Hospitality Industry.

Companies are optimised when focusing on their core business

  • Cost savings in rental and trucking costs,
  • Reliability by ensuring items are available onsite as required,
  • Use in developing countries or remote locations where suitable facilities may be lacking.

Our tents are manufactured in the US by a specially commissioned firm who build the structures based on customized designs as specified by our team of logistics experts. The structures are weather-resistant and tried and tested to withstand winds of upto 185 km/hour making them tolerable of the changeable weather conditions often endured on IR construction sites around the world.

Restricted by the weaknesses of the traditional fixed building approval process and the long construction period, more and more enterprises have begun to favour the temporary large-scale mobile logistics storage tents that are quickly established in the choice of logistics storage locations. In addition to saving a lot of operating costs, tent functions can also be customized according to the actual needs of the enterprise.

The Group has the ability to react quickly in a flexible manner to meet the challenging needs that construction projects inherently bring, truly moving beyond limits.

For more information about our tents and to find out which spec would be most suitable for your project, feel free to contact us at [email protected]


TKHS is the only global logistics service provider focused on providing tailor-made logistical solutions for the complex needs of luxury hospitality and gaming resort projects.

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