Three New Must-See Hotel Designs

by | May 18, 2017 | Design

A trio of seemingly very different hotel designs have one thing in common: their unique and innovative qualities have caught the attention of those involved with the global hospitality industry.

The three designs were part of the recent TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour Las Vegas Event, where they competed in the Creative Spark Competition at the Lucky Dragon Casino and Hotel. While only one emerged as the winner, all three designs bear closer examination for stakeholders who are interested in the ways that hotels will be built moving forward.

Let’s take a look at the winner first, the “Paso Del Norte Hotel,” by Marriott Autograph. This project, which is located in El Paso, Texas, was the work of Kobi Karp, of Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design, built from an existing 365-room hotel inside an historic building that was completed in 1912, and first opened for business on Thanksgiving Day of that year. The original architect was Henry Charles, who built a 10-story, 195-room hotel on the site of the city’s famous Happy Hour Vaudeville Theater. Italian artisans were brought then to El Paso to help create the massively ornate interiors of the buildings three lobbies.

The most impressive feature, however, was the magnificent Louis Tiffany-style stain glass dome, which was 25 feet in diameter and built in 17 pieces. The hotel was named as an historic landmark in 1979. Tobi Karp update to the building paid homage to its rich tradition while bringing modern touches that create a truly one of a kind hotel experience. The Paso Del Norte managed to capture the story of the city while at the same time creating a new local epicenter, a venue where any and all major social events could take place.


The Edgewood Tahoe, the second entry in the contest, is a very different sort of hotel, thanks to its location near Lake Tahoe. This property was designed by Miguel Baeza of HBA San Francisco, who rafted new beginnings in a storied setting rich with natural beauty. It’s unique geography caters to daydreamers wanting to relax in the sands, as well as adventurous hikers who set out to explore the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains. The hotel manages to meet both—loungers and roamers allike—with a personalized lodging experience.


The third hotel on the list is the Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown, which was crafted by Valeria Lassalle of HBA Los Angeles. This 350-room property opened in February, as part of the larger metropolis development in the historic city core. This property shows the influence of the theaters in the downtown of its home city, envisioning a place where Angelinos can come to decompress while enjoying a collection of 1920s signature drinks amid an extensive and unparalleled city view.


Industry experts say they expect all three properties to be heavily influential on hotel architects and designers in the years to come.



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