This Must-Know Lighting Supplier Dates Back to 1724

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Suppliers

Meet Preciosa Lighting, a major supplier within the global hospitality industry that has roots that date all the way back to 1724.

It’s not often that you find a company that literally has centuries of experience creating elegant lighting pieces, but that’s exactly what Preciosa Lighting is. Preciosa has spent centuries crafting chandaliers in the Bohemian tradition, establishing a reputation for unmatched passion, skill and creative vision among the craftsmen that the company employs.

Preciosa Lighting, despite its long-rooted past, is also an innovator in the lighting space, simulataneously having earned a reputation for unconventional designs that reach beyond the predictable and ordinary to find an aesthetic that is truly of its own.

Preciosa’s flagship store can be found in the heart of Prague, where you can truly explore a chapter of Bohemian crystal heritage that traces its root all the way back to the region known as the Crystal Valley. It is there that the history and art of traditional glassmaking can be found under a single roof, an unbelievable space of 900 square meters where creative enery and craftsmanship blows life into objects and installations, all of which are formed from only the highest quality materials.

Glassblowing is an unbelievably complex endeavor, one that is at times as much science as it is art. It’s an interdisciplinary practice that calls for an esoteric level of expertise and a stunning amount of attention to detail.

Because of this, every piece that is manufactured by Preciosa Lighting is touched by a number of skilled hands, imprinted during the creation process with an imprint of Bohemian heritage that strengthens its surface with an old time level of authenticity and originality.

Preciosa crafts pieces that are hard to find within the global hospitality industry in the modern age. What also sets the company apart is a desire to conquer challenges that would dissuade other suppliers. Preciosa has a well earned reputation for taking on challenges and treating them as opportunities to grow, all the while being backed by resource people and top notch facilities. It is this ability to deliver complex and out of the box solutions that has given Preciosa a competitive edge that has allowed the country to thrive and excel over the many years that it has delivered chandeliers and other lighting elegant lighting pieces to some of the finest hotels in the world.

Some of its unique installations include work at the Mumbai Airport, the Galaxy Cotai Hotel and Casino Macua in China, the Boulevard Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan, and work at both the Dubai Opera and the Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai.


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Preciosa is a Czech based lighting manufacturer providing unique and stylish custom-made design based on the craftsmanship of whole generations of glassmakers.

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