The Zieher top 5 fall/winter 2017 novelties

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Suppliers

Now that autumn is nearly over and winter is most definitely coming, that means that the holiday season is nearly upon us. Both at home and in hotels, it is time to start planning for the festive season and that means thinking long and hard about decorations. Especially in a hospitality environment, the right decorations can set the tone for the type of holiday experience the guest can expect, whether it be a minimal and elegant affair, or an extravagant, decadent celebration awash with glitz and glamour. German company Zieher provides a carefully curated range of novelty items for the dining room, that are also suitable for guest suites and reception or lounge areas. We round up our five favourite items from Zieher’s fall/winter collection that will look great in any hotel or guest house.


Zieher SomniaThis collection of solid brass table and windlights will jazz up any table setting, whether indoor or outdoor. The comforting flicker of a candle adds ambience to any dining experience, and can create a romantic atmosphere or simply let the guests know when the sun has gone down and that it’s time to enjoy the night. The organic form of Somnia recalls slender twigs that allow the light through and cast interesting shadows on the table where they are placed. The brass colour is perfect for Christmas, lending a luxurious warmth to the place setting.


Zieher SteleThese candle holders have all the pizzazz that the Christmas season embodies. The contemporary mottling of the metal catches the light at different points, giving the tall stalks of the candlesticks a vibrant presence that is exaggerated by the length of the candle that they hold. They make the perfect centrepiece for any round dining table, and the gold or black finishes can be interchanged along the length of a long table for a bit of variety.


Zieher FlexThese organically shaped pieces of glassware give appetizers and canapes a certain air of class, as well as looking fantastic on a dining table or buffet. The undulating glass plates, sauce boats and cutlery supports create a unique transparent landscape on the table which allows the food to shine. Combine Flex with the Reef slabs for the full decorative effect.


Zieher CrosslineThese buffets risers and stands provide an elegant and stylish solution to the standard buffet table. The risers can be placed on the table and then different display pieces can be chosen for each riser to create a unique buffet display perfect for the festive season.


Glass Platters and Serving Dishes

These etched glass platters and serving dishes are great for displaying intricate appetizers and canapes, and are suitable for either a buffet or as a serving dish in the centre of a table. The textured form of the glassware enhances fish dishes in particular, emulating waves or the sea.

― About the Supplier ―

Zieher glasses are all about top quality craftsmanship, which is created in one of the most innovative and best glass blowing workshops in the world.


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