The newest hotel design trends to expect at towards the end of 2017

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Design

We have rounded up some of the biggest trends in hotel design to see you through to the end of the year

2017 has been an interesting year as far as design trends go. The world seems to keep moving at an ever-increasing pace, and hotels must try and keep up. We have rounded up some of the biggest trends in hotel design to see you through to the end of the year.

Transformation of entrance areas and reception

As the first contact the guest has with the hotel property, it is vital that the reception and entrance area convey what type of hotel it is.

These days, many hotels are trying to keep up with the ever-changing demands a high-pressured global lifestyle and technology put guests, so reception areas are reacting and responding to this.

Hence the current trend is for less staff interaction to enable faster or remote check-ins, so there is often no traditional reception desk, sometimes just a self-service counter or machine. Another trend is that reception areas are being treated more as places to spend time in, encouraging interaction between guests.

Focus on wellness

Wellness facilities are set to be of more importance in hotels in coming years.

With guests being more concerned with their health and fitness, many hotels have upgraded their spa, leisure and gym facilities, and these are often make or break with guests who don’t want their fitness regime to be interrupted by a stay in a hotel.

Sustainability rules

Never before has sustainability been so important, and many travelers with to offset the environmental impact of flying by staying in eco-friendly hotels.

Eco hotels are also on the rise because of the hotel industry’s desire to reduce its environmental footprint, so expect to see more natural materials used in hotel construction, as well as more sustainable ways of maintaining and powering hotels, such as solar panels and rainwater collection.

Smart hotels are the future

As mentioned in the reception area above, automated systems are fast becoming the thing of the future in hotels.

This no only applies to checking in, but also to ordering room service, working out in the gym and spending time in common areas, where screens and interactive exhibits entertain guests without needing to be staffed.

Guest rooms less like hotels, more like home

Ironically, with the rise of shared accommodation such as AirBnB, guests are increasingly demanding a less hotel-like experience, and a more familiar, homely experience from their hotels.

This is being reflected in the design of guest suites and hotel rooms, which are morphing into something which straddles the two worlds.


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