The new Robin Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock from Oliver Hemming

by | 18 Mar 2020 | Products

Packed with Hospitality must have features

Available summer 2020, the new Robin from Oliver Hemming is a stylish, well priced and patented bluetooth speaker alarm clock for mid-range Hotels. Specifically designed for Hospitality, it has series of features that make it the outstanding product in its class. With good looks and world class engineering the Robin has simple intuitive controls and a refined audio tone and priced at around $120 USD delivered it will fit the bill perfectly for many customers. See more at

Key Features
1. Beautiful and stylish design by Oliver Hemming
2. Competitive Price suitable for 3-4 star Hotels
3. High quality durable construction
4. Simple intuitive controls, Bluetooth V4.2 connection
5. 2 year warranty
6. A patented one-time alarm function
7. 10W usb A and C points for charging
8. 5 watts music power with passive bass driver for a well balanced tone
9. Analogue alarm clock, with a 3 step ascending alarm and
10. 100% Silent sweep action movement
11. A night light with luminous button, so no big led lights are on at night time
12. Tough ABS body with a crystal glass lens and a stainless steel grille
13. A power cable that can be used as a security tether
14. Volume limiting option that can limit it to 70% of its maximum
15. Rechargeable battery that will power the clock when the room power is off


An Award-winning collection of Bluetooth speakers and luxury alarm clocks by British designer Oliver Hemming.