The New Light Stone and Mineral Stone Series shower trays: cutting-edge designs for the 21st century

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Suppliers

  • Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms extends its shower tray catalogue with two collections full of cutting-edge aesthetic and a wide range of features: the Light Stone and Mineral Stone Series.
  • The Zen model, from the Light Stone series, is a shower tray which is extra slim, as well as being lighter, therefore its transportation and installation are easier. It is also provided with a hidden plug hole. The Slate model can be
    cut to size.
  • They have been designed with all the technical features for maximum safety and hygiene alike. These features make them highly suitable for contract projects.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms extends its shower tray catalogue with two collections full of cutting-edge aesthetic and a wide range of features. New cutting-edge series with a wide range of features which guarantee safety in the shower, as well as making the shower experience pleasurable every day.

The Light Stone Series: lighter shower trays. A huge number of features.

The Light Stone shower trays Series is characterised by its lightness, which results in easy installation and transportation.

It is available in three finishes: white, black and grey; in order to fulfil different types of bathroom needs. These shower trays have some properties such as thermal and chemical resistance, easy repair, extreme hardness and they are easy to clean and maintain as well. Light Stone is also an anti-slip shower tray collection, therefore it guarantees people’s safety in the shower. As well as that, its surface is soft to touch, resulting in a pleasant feeling when it comes into contact with the skin.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offers the ZEN shower tray which is also included in this series. It is minimal, extra slim, light and with a hidden plug hole in black.


The Mineral Stone Series: a cut-to-size shower tray

We are dealing with a revolution in shower trays with elegant designs with great lightness and little thickness. Their main benefit is that they can be cut to size so that the design can meet every type of bathroom need. As far as their finish is concerned, one can find an excellent slate finish, also available in grey, black and white.

As with the Light Stone Series, the Mineral Stone series is anti-slip, soft to touch and with anti-bacterial properties. As well as that, it is very hard, longlasting and easy to maintain and clean.

The Slate model, which belongs to this series, stands out because of its slateeffect design in the grey, black and white finishes.

Shower tray benefits.

One can find a great deal of benefits when it comes to opting for a shower for the bathroom: the dynamism in hygiene terms; total freedom of movement or when there is a need to arrange a small bathroom. The shower not only makes it possible to make the most of the space and freedom of use, but also and usually, a lower water use. The average water use in a bathroom is 250 litres. A 5 minute-shower can bring this figure down to just 30 litres (-88%).

The important thing to bear in mind is the width of the shower, whenever possible; as well as the easy maintenance and safety, therefore preventing any unnecessary slipping.


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