The latest innovations from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms at Cersaie 2019 with the Premium seal and ECO awareness

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  • From September 23-27, the company presented its latest designs with the Premium seal in Bologna.
  • WaterForest is the sustainable commitment by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, which encourages the saving of resources such as energy and water by up to 89%. This will be the main theme in a fair marked by ECO awareness.

The new bathroom worktop with a built-in Oxo basin

The Oxo collection is made up of worktops, shelves and auxiliary furniture. The innovation for the present edition of Cersaie is the worktop with a built-in basin which, like the rest of the furniture in the collection, is coated with XTONE, the sintered mineral from PORCELANOSA Grupo, in two finishes: Glem Nature and Bottega Acero. Material which increases the technical features, namely: being highly waterproof, scratch-resistant and resistant to chemical elements as well. A bathroom piece which is suitable for contract projects.

The worktop with a built-in basin allows the design to be homogenised by providing continuity to the worktop in the basin. It is available in different sizes, as well as in support and built-in versions.

The new Oxo taps and shower column: a structural and sustainable piece

The Oxo series is also extended with the new bathroom taps in three finishes: chrome, brushed titanium and black matt. A modern and exclusive design that works as a unique sculptural piece for the bathroom, due to the avant-garde design of its lines. Thoroughly designed to encourage ecological awareness, the new Oxo tap is an ECO design, limiting water consumption by up to a maximum of 5L per min.

Its Maximum Chrome finish provides extra resistance and lasting durability in wet areas. Practical and usable taps for every day.

The Oxo series belongs to the Signature Collection, the Premium range by Noken designed exclusively by and for the company.

Touch & Feel: the latest innovation in shower technology. Feel with a simple touch.

Touch and feel. As simple as that. Touch & Feel is the new shower system from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, which allows the desired experience to be activated through a simple and intuitive use.


Just a slight press is all that is needed to change the shower functions. Technology which improves people’s daily lives by allowing several functions to be enjoyed simultaneously, maintaining an excellent water flow for each of the water outlets. It is possible to combine functions such as rain and cascade at the same time, or rain and jets function, turning the shower into a real Wellness space.

The latest trends in bathroom design point to a wellness-oriented room. The technology for the Touch & Feel shower is the result of ongoing research by the Noken R&D Department to develop a unique and functional Wellness system which also meets the highest design requirements. To guarantee its quality and a long-lasting product, it has undergone pressure resistance tests up to 50 bars and resistance tests for push buttons of more than 800.000 cycles.

Offering versatility for the bathroom, Touch & Feel is available in two versions: mixer and thermostatic; as well as Project Line and Smartbox. A luxury for professionals when undertaking any project, due to its easy installation.

New Liem elements: designing the comprehensive bathroom

The vintage style is reinvented with the Liem bathroom furniture. A 120cm wide piece which is available in two versions: wall-hung and with legs on the floor (floor standing), and in a grey matt finish and an earth matt finish.

It is combined with a worktop made of XTONE, with technical features which make it highly resistant, in a Liem Grey Silk finish for the grey matt version, and in an Ars Beige Nature finish for the furniture in earth matt.

It includes a moulding for the worktop in natural American walnut wood, combined with legs in the same finish.

The Liem collection is completed with the 7mm thin edge basin with rounded edges, made of high-quality 56cm wide Noken Ceramic in two finishes: gloss white and white matt.

WaterForest: the commitment to sustainability for bathroom projects that saves up to 89% of water

Advances made by Noken in sustainability have also created a range of equipment capable of saving water and energy, as well as reducing CO2 emissions. WaterForest is the sustainable commitment by Noken, an initiative which encourages the saving of resources for the preservation of the future.

From ECO dual flush systems for toilets, which make a flush possible for each need, to taps and shower heads which, without affecting people’s comfort, limit water consumption to a maximum of litres per minute regardless of the pressure. WaterForest offers alternatives to the bathroom which can save up to 89% of water. In addition, thermostatic taps can save more water and energy than single lever showers. The desired temperature is reached much faster and it remains constant. LED technology for mirrors and light fixtures are also a way of saving. Since they consume up to 80% less energy, they produce the same amount of light and last longer as well.

The WaterForest range also contributes to obtaining international certificates for sustainable buildings such as Leed and Breeam. Sustainability for the bathroom added to product quality and design with PORCELANOSA Grupo’s quality seal.


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