The Future of Hotels is Driverless Suites

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Design

An innovative new hotel suite may be the future of hotels for business travelers, families and those looking for a hassle-free holiday. We take a look inside the Autonomous Travel Suite

Hotel rooms on the move

There seems to be no end in sight for driverless technology. The latest industry to get hit by the craze is the hospitality industry, and the Autonomous Travel Suite seeks to bring guests a new, and mobile, hotel experience. Powered by the pioneering hospitality service Autonomous Interface, this independent guest room on wheels offers travelers a hotel experience unlike any other. Featuring systems that allow you to work, sleep, eat and shower while being driven to and from your desired destinations, users of the Travel Suite will never have to lose any time on their commute again. This will be especially useful for business travelers, who can now use their travel time more efficiently than ever, getting work done on the way to a business meeting or back to their hotel, without having to worry about driving or keeping their eyes on the road. 

Host hotel

The Travel Suite is operated by a host hotel, named the Autonomous Hotel Chain, which is sort of like a mothership for these traveling guest suites. They provide the infrastructure for the docking of the suite, which travels back to the host hotel at the end of the day to dock in a parent unit. The parent unit provides the missing pieces of the guest suite, seamlessly integrating into one high-end hotel room, with the autonomous travel suite parking next to the parent suite and connecting directly into it. The Autonomous Hotel also provides guest with the functions you would expect to find in a traditional hotel, such as lounge areas, meeting and conference facilities, swimming pools, bars, restaurants and housekeeping.

Cross-country transport

The Autonomous Travel Suite is not just for local commutes. It has been designed to withstand long-haul drives, and in the US, most major cities take around ten hours to get to, so this can cut out the hassle of traveling to the airport, waiting to board, touching down for a layover and transferring to your hotel. This mobile suite is not a car, or a hotel room, but something in between, that allows you the freedom and flexibility to go from A to B in comfort and in the most efficient way possible. The travel suite gives users space to roam around, and there is plenty of space for several people in the unit. It will also allow you to check in to the Autonomous Hotel well in advance of your arrival, so the transition from the road to the parent suite is as efficient as possible, saving you time and stress.


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