The World Tourism Organization envisions a bright future for Africa. Over the next couple of years, that the number of tourist arrivals on the continent will increase from about 50 million to 130 million. A growing number of African countries and regional authorities are taking steps to make travel there easier to plan, safer and more streamlined. The industry has also been successful at handling tough government policies and economic troubles.

5th Annual Hotelier Summit Africa North is the region’s top hospitality B2B procurement initiative working to galvanise the African market in order to make revolutionary progress in key areas such as Supply, Procurement and Investments in Africa by bringing together the C-level Decision Makers who are Owners, Developers, Contractors, Designers, Architects and Suppliers under one roof to interact with project holders.

The Summit will be held from 17th – 19th October 2018 at the International Convention Center Mohammed VI / L’Amphitrite Palace Resort, Skhirat, Morocco. 25 suppliers have already confirmed their table at the event.

Featuring presentations, interactive panel discussions, workshops and several networking activities, the Hotelier Summit Africa North will allow more than 300 attendees leverage on opportunities to network, interact and meet with global experts, leading the way in the North African belt providing them with real-life solutions and experiences.

The summit is endorsed by SMIT, CNT as well as the British Chamber of Commerce in Morocco.

The summit is poised to be the biggest event for hospitality professionals in North Africa. If you would like to know more or even be a part of the event, write in to

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