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by | Jul 5, 2018 | Suppliers

The hotel industry continues to expand and travelers expectation increases exponentially with advancement in technology. The international tourist influxes increased by 7% in 2017 totaling 1,322 million, (UNWTO World Tourism Barometer). This strong impetus is predicted to further increase by a rate of 4%-5% through 2018-2019.

With this increase in the number of travelers globally the importance of technology is also becoming more and more evident for the traveler’s hotel experience. According to a survey conducted by Oracle Hospitality which involved almost 3,000 European and American travelers:

“64% of hotel guests said it is very or extremely important for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience”.

The Rove Hotel launched a mobile app to enhance the guest experience. “The Mobile App is integrated with the hotel reservation system, making booking rooms easier and hassle‐free. In addition to being connected to social media platforms, the App can send notifications containing relevant information about special offers. The App’s ‘Rove Around’ feature gives users a glimpse of events happening in the city, while Dubai City Guide serves as a definitive guide for exploring the city. There are 360‐degree interactive video tours and image galleries too that will enable potential guests to gain informed insights about each hotel.”

The demand for technology is growing exponentially and this has not gone unnoticed for forward looking hotel procurement companies like febc. Amongst their strong network of over 1500 pre-qualified suppliers they discussed breakthrough technology and how suppliers are investing in innovative solutions to enhance the user experience.

Suppliers have a goal is to improve the connectivity that the guests have with their devices and their hotel room with the aim of turning their experience into a memorable one. RoomNetTV is the world’s first fully managed Apple TV Hotel IPTV solution. Guests have access to streaming services more than ever before and carry entertainment options in the palm of their hands. Using their own accounts allows them to keep using a service like Netflix or YouTube with personalized settings. They don’t stop at just streaming, with RoomNetTV is more than just an Apple TV by also offering information services to guests, branding for hotels, adding functionality like room service all from the TV. This centralization and branding opportunity for hotels excels at offering a streamlined and comprehensive entertainment and information solution to guests. Qi Wireless charging is available so that guests will not be searching for outlets and hoteliers can wow their guests with the thoughtfulness of having a solution to keep them connected.


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