Tech it on: B&B Hotels to equip 275 properties with multimedia technology

by | Feb 23, 2019 | Chains, News

Independent chain B&B Hotels will gradually roll out Google Chromecast as a premium entertainment service throughout all 275 of its properties in France.

B&B Hotels, an independent chain of hospitality properties for budget travellers, has announced plans to introduce Google Chromecast as a premium entertainment service to all 275 of its location in France.

The technology will subsequently enable guests at B&B Hotels to broadcast content from smartphones, tablets or computers right to the TV screens located in rooms, essentially replacing the need for other entertainment options.

Streaming in hotel rooms

Rather than being left at the mercy of cable TV selection, guests will be able to watch television shows and movies from streaming services, as well as YouTube channels, sports, gaming and much more.

Adding streaming entertainment options like Chromecast and Roku to hotel rooms is a trend that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in the hospitality industry across the globe.

It is also an increasingly popular option to be found in homes, making it a natural touch for a hotel group like B&B Hotels.

What stakeholders are saying

Officials with B&B Hotels are excited about the capabilities of this new multimedia technology.

“Our hotels cater to a business and leisure clientele whose needs each deserve to be regularly studied. It’s up to us to support technological transitions and meet new expectations,” said , General Manager, B&B Hotels France.

This is certainly a step forward for meeting the changing technology-related needs of guests.

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