TECEfilo: Touch-free flush

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Suppliers

TECEfilo is a new urinal electronics, designed to ensure a reliable flush in both public facilities and private bathrooms. Special features such as a configurable pre-rinse, a hygiene interval flush and a pause function reduce water consumption and improve hygiene without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

TECEfilo urinal electronics are available with a metal, glass or plastic surface. Their appearance therefore harmonises perfectly with various TECE flush plates such as with the toilet flush plates TECEsquare metal, TECEsquare glass or with the TECEnow toilet flush plate. The TECEfilo urinal electronics with glass and plastic surfaces can also be mounted flush to the surface with the TECEfilo installation frame.

The urinal flusher U 2 is suitable for installation in dry and brick-wall constructions.
For dry-wall constructions, installation is done together with the TECE urinal module. The transformer is already integrated in the two shell elements which means it is suitable for direct 230 V connection.


The TECEfilo electronics include a magnetic key with which the wash time, pre-rinsing, hygiene flush and even a break function can be programmed.

Hygiene flush:
Automatic flush actuation: 24, 78 or 168 hours after last use option
Break function:
The flush volume reduces automatically if the urinal is used at intervals of less than 2 minutes. This looks after the environment and your wallet.




TECE develops and produces its domestic engineering solutions across Germany and the world on the basis of long-term customer relationships.

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