TECE flush plates: Design freedom down to the finest detail

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Suppliers

Toilet flush plates can be ordered with various metallic surfaces or in the colour tones of your choice to suit the individual note of your bathroom ambience. Additionally, you also have the option to print the flush plates with a personal logo or brand statement.

The colour of toilet flush plates from TECE can now be tailored on request to bathroom furniture, fittings, accessories, tiles, wall colours, company design or simply to your personal taste. This thus unlocks full design freedom for the bathroom owner down to the finest detail. The flush plates are available for delivery in all sanitary and ceramic colours as well as all RAL and NCS tones.

All flush plates are also available with a metal coating for unique colours with extraordinary shine. The galvanised surface is more scratch-resistant and durable than standard surfaces. Various metallic tones can be selected here, in a choice of polished or brushed look.

For that truly personal touch, the TECE manufacture service also offers individual inscription. Thus, for example, a logo or brand statement can be printed in monochrome in silver or anthracite on the flush plate.

Individual manufacture is possible for all TECE flush plates made of plastic and stainless steel from the ranges TECEsquare II, TECEloop, TECEplanus, TECEnow and TECEambia.

Flush plates from TECE stand out with their minimalist, functional and timeless design that integrates effortlessly into different bathroom styles without seeming intrusive. Many flush plates can also be flush-mounted using a special installation frame for perfect integration into the architecture. The plates are mutually interchangeable, which means every plate fits every TECE cistern. This allows our toilet technology to be tailored to different tastes and fitting levels with zero fuss. All plates come with a unique look and high operating comfort. Dampening elements in the button mechanics reliably prevent rattling noises during actuation and the buttons work without unnecessary room to manoeuvre. Minimal gap dimensions between the buttons and frame also underscore the high level of quality on a visual level.


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