Success all round at TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR Dubai

by | May 8, 2018 | Events

The most recent installation of the now legendary TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event took place at the end of April in Dubai. We recap the day to see what was in store for this round’s attendees.

A day of networking

The TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR events are always an interesting and engaging way to spend a day surrounded by hospitality professionals, colleagues and peers. The industry’s biggest hitters and most well-renowned experts are often in attendance, and get to spend the day exchanging information and learning about the most current trends and debates within the hotel industry. The most recent event was no different, and took place on April 24th in Dubai’s Sheraton Grand Hotel. As with every TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event, the day kicked off bright and early with a welcome reception before diving right into the first networking event of the day, the Change Table session, of which there were eight throughout the course of the morning and afternoon. This is what sets the TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR events apart from other industry conferences, and allows delegates the chance to meet every other person in attendance and to come away with a host of new contacts.

Discussions and presentations

Aside from the networking sessions, the TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR events are also full of keynote presentations and panel discussions on trending topics within the hotel industry. The first keynote address was by Nathan Hones, an architect and project manager from Carter Associates, on a theme entitled, “Keeping Heads above water: What Existing Hotels can do to Maintain Profits in a Tough Market”. This presentation delved into the current state of the hospitality market in the face of strong competition and complemented the second keynote presentation of the day, “Hospitality Development ME– Big Projects and Big Players”, presented by TOPHOTELPROJECTS’ own Jule Grass. The third presentation was “Hospitality and Innovation” by James Wrenn from Colliers International, and the final presentation discussed the idea of “Asset Management: your ally in Hospitality”, and was elaborated on by Julio Corredor and Alan Christie of Hospitality Advisory Partners. The day’s main panel discussion shone the spotlight on the hotly anticipated EXPO2020 in Dubai and focused on Opportunities, Mobility and Stability.

Creative Spark

One of the highlights of the day is always the Creative Spark portion, which pits three hotels against each other to take home the crown for best design. The three hotels in competition this time were the Somewhere Hotel Dubai, which was championed by Inas Shlibak & Amr Hani from Bricklane Interiors. In the running too was the Grand Hyatt Emirates Pearl, presented by Maria Katsarou-Vafiadis from MKV Design, and also the Setai Galil Lake Hotel, introduced by Nir Gilad from NOUS Design. Each hotel is worthy of a prize, and it is a testament to the delegates that properties of such high design quality were presented at the event. The day wrapped up with a tour of the hotel and a drinks reception. A great and fun day full of interesting discussions and meetings was had by all.


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