Stunning boutique hotel opens in Manchester’s Civic Quarter

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Boutique Hotel, Design

A former cotton mills in Manchester build in the 19th century was transformed into a contemporary hotel model.

A brilliant, new boutique aparthotel has opened in Manchester. Operated by Locke Hotels, the property has been amazingly restored and renovated to become a 160-unit hotel and temporary rental building. We find out more.

History of Whitworth Locke

The new Whitworth Locke Hotel in Manchester is located in a former cotton mills that dates from the 19th century. Much of the building’s interior design and renovation is inspired by the city itself, and takes its cues from Manchester’s rich culture and heritage. The building enclosed a former outdoor lane that ran between three of the buildings that have been joined to create this 160-unit aparthotel. The architects and designers had a lot to work with when combining Dominion House, Johnson House, and Central House, and even restored the now-internal lane to its original state by laying cobblestones indoors. The property’s creator, Locke Hotels, has significant experience in the design and execution of aparthotels in historic buildings, their Edinburgh sister property Eden Locke being a great example of a modern offering in an old building.

Experiencing Manchester Art and Culture

As with many contemporary hotel models, Whitworth Locke is focused on experiential travel. Appealing to digital nomads and remote workers who can travel and work at the same time, there is ample choice when it comes to temporary lodgings in this amazing property. Manchester’s local art, culture and wellness scene has been tapped into in Whitworth Locke, and yoga classes are offered with local teachers, and work by local artists adorns the walls and floors. There is a co-working space that is open to the public as well as guests free of charge, a feature that is being increasingly seen in new and revamped hotels. Guests can also participate in free fitness classes, with the public being charged a drop-in rate. Both of these strategies encourage authentic local experiences that make guests feel like they are actually participating in the life of the city, while at the same time being able to have the comfort of their own private space but with the convenience of hotel services.

Stunning Design Blending Old & New

The design of Whitworth Locke is very much aligned with that of Eden Locke in Edinburgh and Leman Locke in London. The focus is on marrying the historical nature of the building with a fresh and contemporary feel that fits into the Instagram-friendly mould of aparthotels. Characterful details and existing period elements have all been retained and paired with pastel-coloured walls, furnishings and accents of colour. Statement wall coverings bring the design into the 21st century by making it fun and informal. Each studio or apartment is individually designed to give it its own unique character and so each guest has the ability to personalise it during the length of their stay.

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