Studio Aisslinger: Bathrooms are going to be more imaginative

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Suppliers

Werner Aisslinger is a multi award-winning designer. His “July Chair” is in the MoMA, Studio Aisslinger has offices in Berlin and Singapore, and his design firm’s work is currently the subject of an entire museum exhibition. Aisslinger and his team are showing their objects – including a Kaldewei bathtub – at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich under the title of “House of Wonders”. Speaking in an interview the designer reveals the role that the bathroom will play in the future and the biggest challenge he faced in designing the new GRID and TRICOLORE concepts – the reinterpretation of bathtub and washbasin and sculptural yet functional structures in a given space.

Mr. Aisslinger, you and Tina Bunyaprasit have just designed your first bathroom collection together for Kaldewei. Do you enjoy working in unknown territory?

Our design firm is at home in many different worlds. We are accustomed to constantly finding our way creatively around new contexts and because we handle a great many major interior design projects such as hotels, malls and cruise ships, designing bathrooms is familiar ground for us.

What is special about designing bathroom objects?

Bathrooms are undergoing a rapid evolution and, aside from long since becoming larger, more homely and wellness-oriented, in future they will be the only part of the home where daily rituals will be more important than the digital world that is increasingly encroaching on every area of life. For designers this means creating a space for wellbeing that will also be more colourful, more material-oriented, more unconventional and more imaginative.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in designing the studies?

Taking another step forward with Kaldewei and being the first manufacturer to test the question of edgelessness in steel enamel. Then there were the issues of how to interpret minimalist bathtubs made with a single layer of steel enamel in a completely new way in the room, and how they can be integrated into architecture. This was how TRICOLORE and GRID came about. In conceptual terms both offer a new kind of connection with the architecture around them; the bathtub and washbasin work like freestanding furniture, assuming sculptural yet functional structures.


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