Spotlight on Preciosa Lighting

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Suppliers

Lighting can be one of the most important aspects of a hotel lobby, reception, guest suite or dining room, setting the tone and ambience for the visitor’s experience. The Czech-based lighting company Preciosa specialises in crafting unique and custom made chandeliers. With their headquarters in the Czech Republic, Preciosa supplies luxurious lighting products to destinations all over the globe and the company has sales offices worldwide, everywhere from Dallas to Russia to Hong Kong.

Using glass blowing techniques developed in the former area of Bohemia centuries ago, Preciosa combines age-old tradition with contemporary lighting technologies to create ranges of beautiful fixtures that complement a variety of spaces. Focusing on chandeliers and pendant light fittings, Preciosa are experts in the handling of crystal to make their pieces, and one of their main concepts is that of Crystal Automata, which was first presented at Milan Design Week 2016 and draws on the four elements of water, wind, earth and fire, all of which are involved in the making of crystal. Preciosa’s niche is in celebrating this Bohemian glass making tradition and exposing the inner workings of the light fittings that make them run, resulting in a juxtaposition of time periods and a singular quality of illumination.

Preciosa’s chandeliers were lauded at this year’s Milan Design Week, where the company presented four chandeliers that spanned styles and eras, ranging from fluid shards of crystal cascading down from above, to more traditional chandeliers with candelabra.


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Preciosa is a Czech based lighting manufacturer providing unique and stylish custom-made design based on the craftsmanship of whole generations of glassmakers.

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