Spectacular new hotel channels spirit of Montreal

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Design

Hotel Monville distills all of Montreal’s style, history and charm into one elegant hotel.

The spectacular new Hotel Monville opened its doors this March, and the contemporary, sleek and stylish hotel channels the true spirit of Montreal. We find out more about the design and the ethos of this elegant property.

Imbibing the spirit of Montreal

Hotel Monville is a new-build property in Montreal operated by the owners of Hotel Gault, and the first of a collection of future-forward hotels in the group’s collection.

“We set out to create a property that captures the local character and high-end experience of Hotel Gault, but with design elements uniquely developed for and aligned with the Monville concept,” said Maxime-Alexis Frappier, part of the team at ACDF Architecture, the firm responsible for the design of the hotel.

“We have delivered that vision, providing Hotel Monville visitors and guests with upscale experiences throughout the property,” Frappier added.

The hotel is designed with Montreal in mind. Reflecting this, the hotel’s website reads: “Laid-back. Design-minded. Tech-savvy. Always friendly. Monville is Montreal.”

Standing out from the crowd

Hotel Monville’s distinctive character can be gauged from the very beginning, as soon as guests set eyes on its imposing, yet inviting, facade.

The hotel towers into the air, its black facade punctuated by innumerable windows and bands of white that frame them, creating a rhythm and depth to the tower’s elevations.

Inside the hotel, guests are greeted by a soaring three-storey atrium, where vertical columns in black and white contrast with the warm wooden panelling above the bar and in the lobby. The hotel boasts 269 rooms, which have been tastefully decorated in a palette similar to that found in the common areas of the hotel: black, white and warm timber.

The floor to ceiling windows that each room enjoys offer guests spectacular views out over the city’s historic Old Montreal quarter, and the rooms are fully connected, meaning you can work or relax at the touch of a button. Hotel Monville is also the first hotel in Canada to offer robot room service.

Expanding on its concept, Frappier said, “Hotel Monville was designed to be a destination in its own right, with plenty of functional spaces away from the guest suites, including the vibrant lobby, meeting rooms, a library and a spacious rooftop terrace. We have created an ambiance where people can gather together to meet, have a drink or enjoy a meal in the heart of vibrant local activity.”


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