Spain’s RIU Hotels & Resorts expands into Senegal [Construction Report]

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Projects

Two new RIU hotels will be constructed on a 25-hectare site in Pointe Sarène along the western coast of Senegal.

The company has announced the purchase of a 25-hectare site located in the Pointe Sarène along the western coast of the country.

RIU Hotels & Resorts, a Spanish hospitality chain, has announced the purchase of a 25-hectare site which will see the company entering Senegal’s hotel market.

This purchase means that RIU Hotels & Resorts is joining a growing number of global hospitality companies working diligently to expand their footprints on the African continent.

For many hotel companies, the African market is one of great promise, albeit one which also requires taking on challenges and some inherent risk.

RIU Hotels & Resorts’ new property will be in the Pointe Sarène area along the western coast of Senegal.

It’s a paradise-esque scenery which is currently undergoing development to make it more suitable for tourists.

RIU Hotels & Resorts in Africa

With the purchase of the land in Senegal, RIU Hotels & Resorts continues to develop an ongoing expansion effort within Africa.

At present, the company has a strong commitment to Africa with six hotels operating there now. Of these properties, five are in the island nation of Cape Verde, while a sixth is in Tanzania.

The company also runs an additional five hotels in Morocco, which is relatively close to its home base in Spain.

All told, this planned investment in Senegal totals roughly € 150 million, a cost which includes the purchase of the location as well as some additional fees related to the future hotels’ development.

The site is a sizable one which should easily afford the space needed to build at least two properties.

This purchase took place within the framework of the chain’s existing partnership with SAPCO (Society for the Development and Promotion of the Senegal Coast and Tourist Zone).

Officials have said the project—which is currently in the early planning stages—will ideally see a full launch this November.

RIU’s project in Senegal

The project in Senegal will be divided into two distinct phases, the first of which will be a hotel in the classic range with roughly 500 rooms.

The second the more upscale Riu palace hotel Sointe Sarene, will offer rooms for approximately 800 guests. This will give RIU capacity for as many as 1,300 guests in Senegal.

This project’s timing couldn’t be better. Senegal has started betting on itself as a tourist destination, doing so primarily through the construction of the Blaise-Diagne International Airport, which was finished in 2017.

This entry point to the country is a scant 35 kilometres from the site RIU has purchased, and it is adjacent to a highway which connects to the major city of Dakar.

In addition, a construction bypass is underway which would connect the highway directly to the new hotel development project.

Still, challenges remain. RIU will have to hire and train workers to staff its beautiful new hotels in the country, an effort that once completed will lead to the creation of 300 new jobs at each property, or a grand total of 600 new paying positions for the market and the country.

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Download our latest construction report with all details to Africa’s current project pipeline.


RIU Hotels & Resorts was founded in Mallorca, Spain, in 1953 as a small summer business for the Riu family, and is currently owned by TUI and the Riu family and run by the third generation of the family.




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