Solstice by REVOL Porcelaine : the celebration of the Earth

by | May 19, 2018 | Suppliers

Run currently by Oliver Passot, the historic family firm of Revol Porcelaine is celebrating this year its 250th anniversary. Founded in 1768, the porcelain factory has seen nine generations of leaders at the helm ever since. The secret to its longevity? Innovation and creativity: the company has always known how to modernize itself in different contexts without betraying its fundamental values while keeping an appetite for risk common to all its former directors.

For this occasion, the Drôme factory wanted to celebrate the Earth by launching its new Solstice collection. The enhancement of mother Nature, seasons and solstices give rhythm to the company’s traditions and culinary practices. It is about choosing raw materials which have been transformed into something filled with both beauty and imperfections. The goal: changing the way the company sees the Culinary Arts and above all, helping the chefs to reinvent tomorrow’s dining table and inspire their everyday work.

The collection pays tribute to the craftsmen and women’ work, who, thanks to their free rein, make each product both unique and high-quality. The different finishes are the result of weeks of an artistic research in decorations to meet the made-to-measure needs of chefs. The Solar Storm finish is the perfect example: each piece becomes unique after the fusion of enamels fired in the kiln and has a different appearance with very vibrant colours.

Forget the rigidity and the precision of the industrial tools! Bowls, rectangular plates, gourmet pebbles, Revol made every single shape irregular, with natural, hand-made perfectly imperfect effect. All the skills are gathered to remind the raw aspect, characteristic of the work of nature.

Starring the solar system: transform the stylistic codes of porcelain while keeping the creativity in the spotlight

Besides the Equinox Collection referring to the phenomenon which marks the beginning of the autumn, Solstice comes in the spotlight. Revol keeps playing with the solar system, the moon, the sun and the stars. Solar Storm, Moonlight, Cosmos Platinium, Sunrise Gold… a wide choice of finishes gives a touch of originality and lights to the table.

Solstice invites you to witness a genuine metamorphosis of the culinary arts. Join REVOL on a journey to imagine how the tables of tomorrow could be.


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A specialist in culinary porcelain, REVOL continues to push the evolution of its material in order to bring unique, creative, and innovative solutions to chefs around the world.

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