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FDomes, cabinet

SOFACOMPANY makes anywhere feel like home – now in cooperation with FDomes.

The renowned Danish furniture brand SOFACOMPANY recently partnered with FDomes to create homely atmospheres in places you wouldn’t normally expect it. With these domes and their unconventional form and their calm, airy interiors, FDomes offers luxurious glamping accommodations for the outdoors. Not only is it a unique and trendy holiday experience – it’s also a creative way to set up sophisticated accommodations in areas that don’t allow for conventional hotels to be built. These extraordinary structures redefine not just the leisure industry but the total way in which we experience and explore the outdoors.

As a leading global manufacturer and supplier of geodesic dome kits, FDomes is an ideal partner for SOFACOMPANY, who now gets to prove just how much they actually can make everywhere feel like home. Even if that “everywhere” is a dome located in the vast wilderness. To succeed with such a bold mission SOFACOMPANY and FDomes have together developed a series of interior concepts to match the size and expression of the individual glamping domes. Using their well-known knack for colours and styles, SOFACOMPANY has created a collection of warm and homely furniture environments to soften up the somewhat futuristic dome design.

“In a professional context, a one-size-fits-all approach is not always enough. This is why our dedicated team, in collaboration with FDomes, has created a series of unique and very homely, customised furniture sets to match FDomes Glamping exceptional structures,” says Niels Svolgaard, Sales Director Business, SOFACOMPANY.

SOFACOMPANY is increasing its presence on the contract market

SOFACOMPANY was founded in 2012 with the ambition of making high-quality Danish design furniture available to all. With a clear focus on value, design, high-standard production, customised solutions and the bold vision of an environmentally sustainable future, SOFACOMPANY is now a well-established and highly respected design company across markets.

SOFACOMPANY is perhaps best known as a consumer brand, but in recent years, it has become a serious player on the contract market, which accounts for a growing share of the furniture company’s turnover. The outstanding product quality and the fact that SOFACOMPANY owns its own supply chain make the company’s customised solutions perfectly suited for hotels, restaurants and office environments. SOFACOMPANY has adapted to the contract market by expanding its collections and product series with specific solutions for hotels, restaurants and other demanding settings.

“At SOFACOMPANY we’re all about high-quality design, solid craftsmanship and aesthetics that can evoke a warm and homely feeling – a concept perfectly fit for hotels, restaurants and other places for leisure and social gatherings,” says Niels Svolgaard, Sales Director Business, SOFACOMPANY.

To SOFACOMPANY, the sofa is the heart of the home. Since 2012, the Danish furniture brand has been determined to challenge the conservative furniture industry by making beautiful, high-quality Danish design available to everyone. Since it was founded, SOFACOMPANY has gradually taken over the entire value chain, from design and production to sales and customer service, which enables it to reduce costs. SOFACOMPANY is rapidly moving towards becoming a fully environmentally sustainable company and is uncompromising with regard to materials, production, transport and durability.

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Sofacompany is a young company that started out in 2012 by designing, manufacturing and selling beautiful, quality Danish sofas and furniture.