Snow pretty!: Accor’s innovative new mobile offering in the French Alps

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Design

Check out Flying Nest — French hotel giant Accor’s new mobile concept lodgings in Avoriaz ski resort

AccorHotels has launched a new concept for accommodation in the Alps. Avoriaz 1800 is a collection of containers decked out in timber that are designed to have as little impact on the landscape as possible and to provide flexible and mobile lodgings for the ski resort. We find out more.

Flying Nest lands in the Alps

French hotel group Accor has been testing a new concept hotel over the past year at events such as LeMans and the Bordeaux Architecture Biennale, which now, for the first time, will be open for the public to experience.

The experiment involves the erection of mobile lodgings, which can be shipped in for conferences, events and now for ski seasons, as required.

The concept is called Flying Nest, and features a number of shipping containers that have been given a custom overhaul by renowned designer Ora-ïto, who is based in Marseilles.

Flying Nest was conceived of as a form of nomadic architecture which can be transported and installed in various destinations as necessary.

But, far from compromising on comfort, the thoughtful design of the containers brings a cosy and comfortable offering to wherever it lands. The latest location of Flying Nest is in the Alpine ski resort of Avoriaz.

Design and vision

Damien Perrot, AccorHotels’ Global SVP Design Multibrand, says Flying Nest is a visionary concept which will gives wings to the future of the industry. “We worked on creating an immersive experience more than just a room.”

The idea behind the concept, as well as being mobile, is that the arrangement of containers will have as little impact on their surroundings as possible, enabling them to be installed in areas that are of significant natural beauty and that need to be protected.

This also allows guest to have a great connection with the destination, and in the case of Avoriaz, skiers can just step out of the container directly onto the mountain and its slopes.

The containers come equipped with individual decks, and are connected to each other by walkways and platforms, allowing guests to mingle with each other as they act as social spaces.

The containers have one entire side that is made of glass, giving guests incredible views out towards their environment.

Approximately 20 units were installed in the French ski resort, which are propped up on piles that sit into the ground with minimal disruption.

The containers house a bed and a heating/cooling system, as well as a private deck for outdoor use.

Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway by Accor Hotels:


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