Sleep & Eat reveals taster of concept room sets to come

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Check out glimpses of the new hospitality environments to be showcased at Sleep & Eat 2019.

Sleep & Eat, Europe’s leading hospitality design event, has revealed an enticing glimpse into the schemes underway to create this year’s sets. Six international design and architecture firms based in Singapore, Paris, Manchester and London are now fine-tuning their vision for concept room installations, aiming to deliver thought-provoking, inspiring and experiential sets in response to the 2019 theme of “Social FlexAbility”.

They are: twenty2 degrees, HAT Design, Maria Tibblin & Co and Miaja Design Group, who are each designing a guestroom, and SpaceInvader and NAME Architecture who are designing a bar and a restaurant respectively.

This year’s topic arose out of increasing global awareness about the “digitally disconnected” lives that many people are now living and the exciting potential for hospitality to pioneer new types of environments and experiences that will enable a whole spectrum of sociability and privacy to meet the specific needs of guests at all times of day.

Mark Gordon, Director of Sleep & Eat, explains: “Technology and social media have irrevocably changed the way we live, for better and for worse. Our premise is that hoteliers, restaurateurs and their designers can be in the vanguard of promoting the human interaction that has been lost by providing guests with the chance to reconnect with others in person, or indeed connect with themselves. The challenge is to provide flexible spaces where users can activate the social experience of their choice.”

While the final designs are strictly under wraps until the show opens, the designers have now released tasters of what visitors will find:

Guestroom Set – twenty2degrees

“No two guests the same. Dance, Sleep, Work, Play.
A flexible space for the social, a haven for your stay.
Distorted riffs softened with plush fabrics, warm timbers set against a vibrant zing, a hotel room that’s more than one thing.
No Sleep ‘til London!”

Joe Stella & Nick Stoupos, twenty22degrees

Build Partners: Viriato Hotel Concept
Key suppliers include: Contardi Lighting (decorative lighting), Ulster Carpets (rugs), Solus Ceramics (stone marble), Hansgrohe (brassware), Altrock Surfaces (vanity)

Guestroom Set – Maria Tibblin & Co

“Our concept combines focus on enduring human values with the power of technology to help deliver these in a guestroom that adapts to every guest’s individual wishes. We are taking a biophilic approach and using lighting to enhance wellbeing through day and night and are developing a FlexAbility App to allow guests to personalise their experience. This will be New Luxury, sophisticated and elegant in its simplicity, a sustainable design that creates a world around each guest.”

The team at Maria Tibblin & Co

Build Partners: Robin Jones, UK;
Key Suppliers include: Giacomo Rossetti (fine joinery design/Interior Architect); Duxiana, Sweden (luxury beds); James Fenner (graphic design)

Guestroom Set – Miaja Design Group

“We will be presenting a concept that gives wings to human relationships. Elevation will make peace with technology and, indeed, fully embrace it, weaving it together with nature to create beauty and wellbeing, and offer a heightened state of self-reflection, awareness and meditation. Miaja Design Group and our partners on this project have a sustainable approach to design, and their conservationist ethos adds to our quest for eco-tourism.”

Isabelle Miaja, Founder of Miaja Design Group

Project Suppliers include: Lasvit (specially commissioned light art piece); Bang & Olufsen; MM Galleri (marble wall); SNS Group; Lutron

Guestroom Set – Hat Design

“We have imagined a bedroom space that can breathe with users’ needs and moods, that they can control and recreate. Hotels are becoming used to integrating social hubs in their public areas; we see an exciting opportunity in applying the same philosophy to guestrooms. When we have flexibility to rearrange the space around us, we achieve balance and feel peaceful; it is an approach where quality of space wins over size. As Frank Lloyd Wright said: ‘Space is the breath of art’.”

Anne-Marie Sabatier and Flavie Deram, HAT Design

Build Partners: Stilles
Project Suppliers include: Nobilis (fabrics); Atrafloor (flooring)

The Bar Set – SpaceInvader

“We asked ourselves: what’s the biggest barrier to “Social FlexAbility” in a bar? Our answer was the bar itself! So, we are creating a bar without a bar which, through layout and design, becomes a space where conversations are developed. Adaptability leading to interaction with the environment, flexibility empowering the individual to use the space as suits them, design enhancing service and promoting human interaction.”

Katie Edgar, SpaceInvader

Build Partner: J Carey Design
Project Suppliers include: Enigma Lighting; Egger (laminate); Vescom (curtains and upholstery)

The Restaurant Set – NAME architecture

“Our set will explore the power of design to personalise a social experience through a spatial one. It will focus on adaptable functionality and, at its heart, a table designed in a continuous plane will become the plane for social interaction. This will define the space, shape its use and determine varying levels of social stimulation, allowing users to activate the experience of their choice according to where they sit. We want visitors to ask themselves: “Where do I sit?”

Nathalie Rozencwajg, NAME architecture

Build Partners: Duboulay Contracts
Project Suppliers: Ligne Roset (furniture); Matière Grise (lighting); Omexco (wall finish); Absolute Lifestyle (accessories)


The Sleep & Eat Conference will also explore “Social FlexAbility” with each set design team presenting their concept to the audience as well as several panel sessions debating related issues. These will include a discussion among leading operators on how to manage flexible spaces efficiently and successfully as well as an exploration of design trends in co-experience spaces.

Sleep & Eat, 19 – 20 November in the National Hall, Olympia London. The show will be open from 10am on Tuesday 19th with an evening drinks reception until 8.30 pm, and from 10am-6pm on Wednesday 20th. To register for a complimentary pass, visit registration.


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Sleep & Eat is Europe’s leading event dedicated to excellence in hospitality design and development. It comprises a major exhibition, Sleep and Eat Conference, and Sleep Set and Eat Set concept spaces amongst other experiential features.


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