Shower toilet AquaClean Mera from Geberit @ Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

Geberit is delighted to showcase twenty of our exceptional AquaClean shower toilets at the prestigious Conservatorium Amsterdam.

Luxury hotel fast-tracks bathroom upgrade 

Normal WC ceramics becoming AquaClean Mera shower toilets: It’s quick and easy and significantly enhances a bathroom. The luxurious Conservatorium Hotel in the centre of Amsterdam can tell a thing or two about it.  

“The Set” is a self-confident hotel group. According to its self-description, it is “carefully put together” – consisting of “some of the best like-minded and independent hotels in the world”. The hotels are often in prime locations in major cities; in Europe, for example, in the centre of Paris, London and Amsterdam. The Conservatorium Hotel is the showpiece in Amsterdam. The over 100-year-old building is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by museums and cultural hotspots.  

Upgrading was the order of the day 

The Conservatorium Hotel meets the highest standards – in the furnishings of the rooms, the interior design and the cuisine. Luxury reigns here. This now also applies to a large proportion of the bathrooms. Omer Aviv, local technical director of the hotel group, says: “Shower toilets meet customer expectations much more than normal toilets. In this respect, they are an upgrade to the hotel room.” Upgrading was the order of the day – because until then there had been no shower toilets in the Conservatorium Hotel. 

Omer Aviv approached Armand Gademan from Geberit in the Netherlands. He works as a key account manager and was able to offer the hotel a solution. 20 Geberit AquaClean Mera shower toilets won the race – another 16 were added for the Hotel Lutetia in Paris. Armand Gademan says: “We were able to work out a plan to upgrade the rooms step by step. The shower toilets in Amsterdam and Paris were the beginning”. They were installed within a few weeks in late spring 2023.  

Quick installation 

For Omer Aviv, it wasn’t just the quality of the AquaClean Mera shower toilets with their hygienic and soothing shower spray plus features such as seat heating, odour extraction and lady shower that were decisive. He was particularly impressed by the quick installation. “A bathroom can be converted in just a few hours. That’s incredibly efficient,” he says. In this way, guests could have booked the rooms permanently – the conversion fitted easily into the time between departure and the next check-in.  

Robin van den Brink, Concept Manager AquaClean at Geberit, says: “Many potential customers don’t realise this. If the power connection is nearby, a conversion can be done in no time at all. No renovation is needed, just an upgrade.”  

Also for new bathrooms 

This is also possible when the bathroom is still young. “You don’t have to wait until the bathroom gets old.” There was also no need to renovate the Conservatorium Hotel; the bathrooms are modern and state of the art. “With shower toilets, they are now even better than they already were.” 

The bathroom upgrade project has only just begun at The Set with 36 shower toilets. The next order for 15 units for Paris was received in November. And this is set to continue until all the bathrooms in the hotels in London, Paris and Amsterdam have been refitted. 

Mera: The premium shower toilet from Geberit AquaClean | Geberit UK



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