Sheraton Grand Phoenix at the frontline of brand’s overhaul

by | May 28, 2019 | Chains

Marriott wants to renovate Sheraton’s style and this is a render of the future lobby of the Sheraton Grand Phoenix

Marriott has its work cut out with the Sheraton Grand Phoenix and the ageing brand’s revamp

Sheraton’s brand reinvention and the goings-on inside the prototype for the new style are a hot topic in the world of hospitality right now.

From new colour schemes to co-working lobbies, it’s all happening at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix, the property on the frontline of Sheraton’s new identity. We find out more.

Better than beige

Marriott knew it was setting itself a challenge by deciding to keep Sheraton when it bought Starwood a few years ago.

The 80-year old brand has been struggling but as the most populous brand in Marriott’s newly fattened portfolio, it made sense to keep it on.

But hanging on to Sheraton meant work and the modernisation of a brand which has become synonymous with a dated and aged era of hospitality.

Tina Edmundson, the global brand officer for Marriott International, spoke of Sheraton’s tricky reputation saying, “We’re not shying away from or trying to pretend this is a new brand. We have to own who we are. In so many ways it’s so much easier to create a new brand. One of the biggest challenges with a new brand is awareness. Now, we have awareness that might not be all positive.”

One of the biggest things Sheraton is trying to get away from is their association with the colour beige which has put the brand firmly in the realm of all things boring and antiquated.

However, it will take more than just daubing some pastel shades on the walls, curtains, bedspreads and carpets of Sheraton’s famously sedate bedrooms to shake the connection to a dull colour scheme.

The revolution at Sheraton Grand Phoenix

The Sheraton Grand Phoenix is ground zero for the reinvention of the Sheraton brand and set a standard for the rest of the portfolio.

Not every Sheraton hotel will be revamped though, as many of them are not owned by the parent company Marriott. Selected landmark properties will guide the way for the future of this ailing hotel name, and the Phoenix property will spearhead this change.

Due for completion in 2020, this 1000+ room hotel is to be the prototype for Sheraton’s new look.

The beige rooms will be spiced up with more contemporary colour alternatives. Co-working spaces will dot the ground floor lobby, reception and entrance hall, with private booths for phone calls and full connectivity to encourage communal working.

Sheraton has already been given a new logo as part of the rebrand and Marriott is heavily pushing its new loyalty scheme, Marriott Bonvoy, which will encourage people to try the revamped Sheraton properties, and hopefully help spread the word about the historic brand’s new identity.


Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway by Marriott International:

JW Marriott Aqaba Hotel and Spa

Four Points by Sheraton Kaifeng

Dammam Marriott Hotel and Apartments


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