Shade Structure with solar energy harvesting

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Suppliers

MDT-tex, known for innovative textile architecture, has developed its multi-award winning tulip shape (Iconic Award 2015, Architizer A+ Award 2016 and Red Dot Award 2018 “Best of the best” for type S16 umbrella) further into a sustainable solar energy harvesting solution.

Besides aesthetics, the approach for the new design was to implement a solar energy harvesting capability. The resulting shade structure collects energy via mounted solar panels which means the energy is indeed obtained from the air respectively from solar radiation and can be passed on directly.

This innovative construction, with a central mast, serves with a span of 5.3 meters as a generous shade provider, withstands high wind loads due to its robust construction and forms a durable membrane. At the same time, 15 solar panels ensure maximum energy generation. The energy generated can be used conveniently for direct charging by consumers or stored in a battery for later use.

Both the solar umbrella and the solar carport can be used in conjunction with an e-bike charging station. Due to their square shape, the solar carports can be seamlessly arranged side by side in a linear group configuration and thus also large, lively areas such as universities, hotel areas or railway stations can be equipped. Maximum functional, exceptional aesthetics.

As the central or optionally asymmetrical mast is equipped with drainage pipes, which guide the rainwater through a filtration system and store it in a covered water tank, valuable water can be obtained.

Three solar carports were installed for test purposes at the Swiss site of MDT-tex, the inventor and manufacturer of textile architecture and sun protection solutions in Tägerwilen. The prototype simulates the entire range of functions such as energy storage, grid connection and electric vehicle charger. Real-time energy production and usage can be remotely monitored. In the meantime, further solar car ports have been installed in public areas as well as at some electric vehicle providers. An additional added value is created for the employees of the location: through the provision and use of pool vehicles, the employees now also move sustainably with green energy.

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MDT designs, manufactures, and supplies innovative and high-quality Sunprotection Systems, Membrane Constructions, and Custom-Made products for Textile Outdoor Architecture to customers all over the world.



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