Selo: Innovative doorsets for the perfect finish at vibrant city hotel

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Situated in vibrant East London opposite the Whitechapel Gallery and close to Spitalfields Market, the Hotel Indigo is due to welcome its first visitors in October 2018. Hotel Indigo has been designed to reflect the rich history of the local neighbourhood and mixes contemporary and traditional styles for today’s modern traveller. Consisting of a reception area, restaurant and deli, lounge, 212 guestrooms and 8 rooftop suites across 10 storeys, it features deluxe room finishes, multifunctional furniture and Selo’s innovative pocket and riser door systems throughout this trend led hotel.

Who is Selo?

Selo is the UK’s leading supplier of concealed, sliding and riser door systems. Selo helps architects, developers and contractors simplify interior door design and their specialist experience working with large scale and luxury hotels made them a natural choice for the team designing and managing the challenging and complex Hotel Indigo project.

Selo’s range includes four main flagship ranges; pocket doors, which maximise the use of available space, riser doors which successfully conceal unsightly service doors, concealed frame doorsets that enhance contemporary interiors and concealed frame AOVs. Each range has been designed and crafted to address industry challenges and quite simply, to make Selo’s clients’ lives easier.

The project

The highly skilled team involved in the Indigo Hotel project included architects and interior designers from London-based, Dexter Moren Associates ( plus leading construction contractors firm, the Radford Group ( Working together with the teams above, Selo supplied Enigma pocket doorsets and Quadra concealed riser door systems – both creating an elegant, contemporary and functional finish. The Fuma AOV’s were also specified to maintain a concealed finish for the smoke shaft while meeting the smoke extra regulations.

The Enigma

Conventional swing doors require a large amount of clearance space, but the Enigma pocket sliding door system from Selo disappears when fully open into a compartment in the adjacent wall. This creates a sleek and seamless look that could not be achieved with swing doors and will provide the Hotel Indigo guests more space in their rooms and a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

The Quadra

Selo’s Quadra concealed riser door systems were also used in this exciting development. Quadra are elegant, frameless riser doors which create a flush finish and are often used to hide access to secondary rooms such as service cupboards, so the beauty of the hotel’s stylish interior design finish is not spoilt or broken up with unattractive doors.

Fuma AOV

Offering minimalist aesthetics and practical functionality, the Fuma is

an automatic opening vent (AOV), designed to facilitate the ventilation of smoke from fire. Supplied fully hung, as an integral unit with a metal door and GEZE actuator, the Selo team fitted Fuma into various openings in the hotel and then linked these to the BMS (Building Management System). The Fuma is a perfect solution for hotels where strict health and safety regulations are paramount.

Fierce competition

With over 15,000 hotels in London, competition is fierce so giving guests the ultimate experience from service to décor is essential to thrive in today’s challenging market. The hotel is now in its final stage of design and the finishing touches are being added. The hotel will be open in October 2018 and bookings can be made here.

Get in touch with Selo

If you would like any information on Selo’s innovative doorsets or to discuss your hotel project with Selo’s team of experts, please get in touch on 020 3880 0339 or email [email protected].


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We are leading suppliers of concealed, sliding and riser door systems. We help architects, developers and contractors simplify interior door design and functionality by providing design-led solutions for sliding, riser and concealed-frame applications.

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