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Schaerer Coffee Club is Changing Mornings for Hotel Guests

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Suppliers

There is a certain type of hotel guest that puts a high value on the quality of his or her morning cup of coffee. They may be a business traveler, or maybe a couple on a honeymoon, or the parents of a family on vacation, but the one thing they have in common is that they will be very upset if the coffee options do not meet their expectations.

For these guests, solutions like instant coffee are not acceptable. This provides a challenge for hotel owners and operators, especially those who wish to maintain available and open spaces in their guest rooms. Simply put, the luxury hotel needs a way to provide high quality coffee drinks without taking up an inordinate amount of space. Fortunately, a new entry-level model that is perfect for the hospitality industry has started brewing in the world of professional coffee preparation.

The Schaerer Coffee Club is a stylish, compact and fully automatic coffee machine that provides guests with advanced technology, easy operation, major flexibility, and, most importantly, delicious coffee specialty drinks. It’s a perfect fit for hotel owners and operators who have long sought a way to pamper guests who must have a morning coffee.

The device is compact, with dimensions that span 325 mm wide, 570 mm deep and 501 mm high. It can fit easily on countertops, as well as in cabinets beside the mini bar, or anywhere else space-concious operators seek to place it.

The Schaerer Coffee Club is also rich with the latest industry technology, including a 7-inch touch display that features a vertical swipe function. It also uses something called a Milk Smart system to prepare most specialty drinks, and a simple cleaning concept that makes it easy to use again on subsequent days. It even has steam wand that guests can use to foam milk and make authentic lattes or cappuccinos that taste like they were made by an actual barista.

Schaerer also has products that can be used in commons areas and breakfast nooks. The Schaerer Coffee Soulis capable of making up to 80 cups of coffee a day, perfect for a hotel’s morning breakfast rush. It has a gastronomical look, too, one in keeping with the increasingly repurposed and localized aesthetic that younger travelers are now craving, and at 33 centimeters, it’s also a slim, unobtrusive device. Like the Schaerer Coffee Club, the Schaerer Coffee Soul uses an 8-inch touch display interface, one that has large writing and icons that can be easily operated by older guests. It’s a versatile option that hotels can choose to have operated by their staffs or placed in a way that enables self service. It’s really up to a manager’s discretion.


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From the start, Schaerer has endeavoured to unite superior technology with the quest to indulge the senses. This has been instrumental in making the company a leading provider of fully automatic, integrated coffee and milk solutions.



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