Scandic changes executive committee to bolster digitization and other expertise at top

by | Jun 25, 2018 | General News

Changes to Scandic’s Executive Committee speak to an acute desire for the company to focus on digitalization, branding and marketing, via the creation of new positions

Scandic recently announced significant changes to its Executive Committee, changes that are seemingly aimed at fortifying the company’s focus on a number of areas, including digitalization, branding and marketing.

In service of this effort, Scandic has named several new positions on the committee, including Ann Hellenius as its new chief information officer, Niklas Angergard as its new chief customer officer, and Jan Lundborg as its new chief commercial optimization officer. For those on the outside, it is worth noting the responsibilities of these new positions.

The chief information officer will have a focus on digitalization as well as on the continued development of the guest experience with the help of IT and new technologies.

Meanwhile, there will also be changes to pre-existing position of chief commercial officer, which will now be split into two separate functions, including a chief customer officer who will be responsible for brand strategy, marketing and the loyalty program, among other things; and a chief commercial optimization officer who will take lead on the areas of sales and distribution.

Other functions within Scandic’s Executive Committee, however, will continue on without change.

Scandic on the Rise

In the last few years, Scandic is a company that has grown quickly.

Within this growth, company leadership says that it has seen a need to become more focused on its customers while at the same time ensuring they have the right expertise in all of the right places, which is beneficial, of course, for any organization. In service of this, at the end of 2017 Scandic began to undertake an overview of its organization to support that objective.

Leaders say this new organizing stands to help them take advantage of existing opportunities in the market while also strengthening their position by allowing them to growth and enhance their adaptability in the increasingly digital hospitality industry, said Even Frydenberg, the president and CEO of Scandic.

More About Scandics New Recruits

To strengthen the Executive Committee within these important areas that the company has identified, Scandic has recruited Ann Hellenius as Chief Information Officer. Ann has solid experience in driving digitalization and earlier, she was CIO at both Bankgirot and the City of Stockholm. She is also a member of the Digitalization Council of the Swedish government.

Scandic has also recruited Niklas Angergård as Chief Customer Officer. Previously, Niklas was CMO at Tieto, reporting to the CEO. He also has many years of experience in brand strategy, marketing and customer satisfaction from companies including Klarna, Telia and SAS.

Additionally, Jan Lundborg has been appointed Chief Commercial Optimization Officer. He has a strong commercial background from SAS and Amadeus. Currently, Jan is Vice President Revenue Management & Distribution at Scandic and since 2009, he has successfully managed and built up the Group’s revenue management function.

Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway by Scandic Hotels:

Scandic Hotel Frankfurt Hafenpark


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