Ruby Hotels unveils plans for 10 new destinations by 2021

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Chains, Expansions, Projects

One of Ruby’s cool lounges, offering guests a chilled-our place to relax.

The Munich-based hotel company and pioneer of the “lean luxury” concept announces ambitious expansion plans to open ten new properties by 2021.

Ruby Hotels, a Munich-based hotel group which helped to pioneer the “lean luxury” concept, has unveiled plans to open 10 hotels by 2021.

The unique lean luxury concept was used for the first time in the Viennese hotel Ruby Sofie, which opened in 2014.

This was followed by the Ruby Marie and Ruby Lissi hotels, also located in Vienna, Ruby Lilly in Munich, Ruby Coco in Düsseldorf and the recently opened Ruby Lotti in Hamburg (21 November 2018).

Following this success, Ruby Hotels is opening new properties at multiple destinations such as Ruby Leni (June 2019) in Düsseldorf and Ruby Lucy on London’s bustling Southbank (November 2019).

Additional locations include Zurich, Geneva, Cologne, Frankfurt, Shanghai and Chengdu.

The “lean luxury” concept

Ruby Hotels are all characterized by the group’s innovative “lean luxury” philosophy, an original concept within the hotel industry.

At lean luxury properties, guests enjoy a five-star room in a top location for the price of a budget hotel.

Ruby does this by removing traditional – and often outdated – hotel amenities which today’s style-conscious travellers no longer have a need for, and replace them with authentic, modern solutions.

For example, there are no in-house restaurants, but guests enjoy organic and locally-sourced breakfast in a trendy, communal area without a kitchen or chef.

Instead of overpriced mini-bars and room service, Ruby Hotels’ pantries, vending machines and ironing boards satisfy basic needs, while cool bars, lounges and rooftop chill-out spaces replace traditional spa and fitness facilities.

A melodious stay and state-of-the-art check-in

Lean luxury prioritises conveniences such as full sound insulation, walk-in showers, blackout curtains, high-quality linen and wide custom-made mattresses for a perfect night’s sleep.

Music also plays a key role at Ruby Hotels. The laid-back, contemporary design comes with quirky accents such as a Marshall amplifier in every room where guests can lock their own guitar or borrow one from reception.

Another key amenity is the state-of-the-art check-in via tablet which uses the latest technology and takes less than a minute.

Each room is also loaded with curated local guides, social media apps and unlimited data guests can use to get the most out of their stays.

Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway by Ruby Hotels:


Ruby Lucy Hotel London


Ruby Hotel Koln


Ruby Hotel Helsinki Kruununhaka


Ruby Hotels is a family of individual hotels which are aware of the needs of a new generation of travelers. Offering small yet attractive rooms, a great coffee shop, a fantastic bar – right in the heart of the city, we are the first in a new segment which we call “lean luxury”.

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