Ritz-Carlton’s long-awaited superyachts to take to the seas in 2021

by | 10 Jan 2020 | Portfolio

Ritz-Carlton’s superyachts will bring unprecedented luxury to the cruising industry. (Photo: The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection)

The luxury hotel group has announced 2021 itineraries for its Evrima superyacht, and they don’t disappoint.

Despite budget overruns and delays, the first of Ritz-Carlton’s three planned superyachts will set sail in 2020 and start taking reservations from 2021.

We find out more about the group’s planned expansion into the ocean.

Ritz-Carlton heads for the seas

After a series of delays and budget increases to the tune of approximately $55 million, the first of the luxury hotel group Ritz-Carlton’s superyachts is expected to make its inaugural foray onto the ocean in June of 2020.

The plans for a fleet of superyachts were first announced by the group in 2017, but several setbacks pushed the planned launch date back by a few years, and now the group has released cruising itineraries for 2021.

These itineraries cover routes in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, New England and Canada, with tour packages lasting an average of seven nights. With designs finalised and construction nearing completion, the first of the fleet, the Evrima, will set sail in the summer of 2020.

“From the yacht’s design to programming onboard and ashore, every aspect of the voyage has been carefully created to embody the signature service and casual luxury of a Ritz-Carlton resort,” said Lisa Holladay, Global Brand Leader for The Ritz-Carlton.

A new level of luxury at sea

Ritz-Carlton has a reputation for being one of the world’s most luxurious hotel brands, so perhaps it is no surprise that they want to conquer see as well as land with their signature decadence.

The fleet of ships will be somewhere between superyachts and boutique cruise liners and are aimed at the 1%, especially considering the price tag of the stays aboard these vessels, which range from $3,100 for four nights to $10,000 for 12 nights.

The stay comprises an all-inclusive luxury experience, with guests able to avail of the yacht’s on -board dining facilities, entertainment options and exclusive gratuities.

Luxurious by design

Renderings of the yacht, which have been designed by Swedish firm Tillberg Design, show a sleek and sophisticated vessel which boasts ten decks that include The Marina, a level which has direct ocean access for anyone wanting to take a dip or merely sunbathe.

The guest cabins are spacious and comfortable, and each of the up to 298 guests will have 89sqft of space all to themselves.

A living room/library is located on the fourth floor and has generous windows which grant guests panoramic views out over the ocean. Guests can also indulge themselves at the champagne bar or Michelin Star chef-designed Aqua restaurant.

(Photos: The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection)



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