Revol Porcelaine: making sense of the past

by | Jul 7, 2018 | Suppliers

On June, 22nd Oliver Passot – REVOL President-CEO gave a speech about what is it to celebrate his family company’s 250th anniversary.

Revol wishes to make a short return to its history enhancing its keepers of the flame.

“The Claudes”: lives intertwined
The two men are fired by passion and known by everyone in the factory. Born on the same day and with the same first name, yet they are as different as they are close. Forty-two years ago, after graduating, they joined the factory as porcelain decorators, both progressing then to different jobs. When they reached retirement age, two years passed by when they got summoned back by Oliver and Bertrand Passot in 2011 to document historic items in the basements. A new world then quickly opened up as discoveries came to light.
Only two years passed by when Oliver Passot, seeing the incredible work of the Claudes decided to set up an official heritage department in 2013. Objects and tools then took on yet another dimension showing how ways of life and customs have changed over the past two centuries. As an example, Revol bottles marked “Souvenirs de Saint-Malo” testify to the onset of mass tourism at the start of the 20th century.

The genesis of a brand
Taken down from the shelves, the pieces such as vases, jugs and other historic vessels brought with them a wealth of anecdotes. Once they are considered in their context, each piece showed the impressive evolution of the Drome industry. Through different ceramic materials developed through ages, the family company kept showing a clear trend towards a strong identity of its own through innovation, beginning from producing the Ricard pitchers to its first own in-house designs and products for the finest kitchens.

The collections of today are the perfect example of the constant Revol’s wish to keep reinventing itself. The major one remains Basalt, the first ceramic collection made from mass-dyed black paste, based on the imitation of the rough appearance of tiles, way more performant. The cocottes and tajines were not neglected neither. With their coloured lids, the pieces are hi-tech, stylish and clean. If you’re looking for something original, Succession collection is made for you with its tied up with string appearance. But let’s not forget the last but not least Solstice collection, launched in January enhancing the work mother Nature with its natural hand-made imperfect effect.

To listen to the speech, please click here.

CEO, Oliver Passot


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