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Regional focus: Germany, UK, France lead Europe’s hotel project pipeline [Infographic]

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Projects

Berlin is the city leading hotel constructions in Germany, according to TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION.

New info from the TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database shows the three nations account for 50 percent of the 1,514 projects currently in the pipeline for the region.

Germany, UK, and France are currently leading a booming European hospitality market, with new information from TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION indicating that the three nations account for 50 percent of the 1,514 projects currently in the pipeline for the region.

Of those three countries, Germany is far out in front. Germany currently has 382 projects in its own pipeline, which means that it alone is accounting for roughly one quarter of the upcoming hotels in Europe. The United Kingdom is not far behind, with 287 projects in its own pipeline. Meanwhile, there is a significant dropoff between the U.K. and third place France, which has 91 projects in its own pipeline.

Other Countries in the Top 10

It is, perhaps, unsurprising that the country in fourth place is Spain.

With its rich history, intriguing culture, and fantastic mix of world-class cities, Spain is just shy of France’s total with 72 countries in its own pipeline. Of the other six countries that comprise the top 10 for Europe, none have more than 70 hotels in their project pipeline.

Those countries are, in descending order, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, and Ireland.

According to the TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION online database 1,514 hotel projects are currently in the pipeline in Europe

A booming European market

What it all adds up to is a booming European hospitality market.

Europe’s strong performance is due to Germany being an absolute giant in the hospitality space, as well as globally dominant tourist destinations such as France, Spain, and the U.K.

According to TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION, the 1,541 hotels currently in the pipeline for Europe will ultimately yield as many as 251,730 new rooms for guests.

Let’s take a look at a few more projects in Europe: 



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