(Re)discover the intrepid history of REVOL porcelain throughout its 250 years

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Suppliers

In an era of ever-faster change, a 250th birthday really is something to celebrate. And yet for the historic family firm of Revol, longevity is the result of being firmly grounded in reality. This drôme factory – closely tied up with the story of a single family, firmly rooted in its region, wedded to its original values – has earned the loyalty of its workforce as well as its increasingly diverse clientele.
Embracing the future, increasingly innovative and creative, Revol finds the energy for ongoing renewal in its long history. Read on for a portrait of a unique factory that has always inspired one-off talents.

The pride and joy of the Drôme region, Revol Porcelain was born of an indissoluble alliance between the soil of its region and a family of entrepreneurs dating back nine generations.
It’s in the earth of this region, rich in kaolin – the clay that forms the base material for ceramics – that the porcelain factory found its raison d’être in 1768. Meanwhile, its longevity has been assured by the visionary energy of its various directors down those nine generations.
From Pierre Revol who founded the firm to his descendant Oliver Passot, the current director, Revol has combined its unique expertise with an unquenchable thirst for modernity and novelty. Establishing itself over the course of years as the culinary porcelain brand, this small factory slowly became a centre of excellence without ever betraying the values on which it was founded.
Still firmly rooted in the undulating green landscape that proved so auspicious to its success, the factory now prides itself on equipping the most demanding kitchens, whether those of famous chefs or everyday cooks. Today it’s this same desire to bring out unique talents that brings Revol to the loveliest tables, with kitchenware and other cult objects and design pieces that embody art de vivre.
In an era in which the pace of life seems to get faster and faster, Revol swims against the tide with unique products enabling tables that truly stand out from the crowd.


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A specialist in culinary porcelain, REVOL continues to push the evolution of its material in order to bring unique, creative, and innovative solutions to chefs around the world.

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