Red Dot Seal for Preciosa Lighting

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Suppliers

Yet again, the appreciation from Red Dot Award, one of the wor­ld’s largest design competitions, lands in Preciosa’s lap. This time even twofold and the Preciosa team could not be happier!

Making their decision, this year’s jury awarded Preciosa on two occasions – for the convincing design and creativity of the concept „Cultivation of Chandeliers. Since 1724“ and one award for the Flagship Store in Prague.

The Red Dot Awards in the Communication design category are thus a huge compliment paid to the work delivered by atalented team and Vasku & Klug, Vienna-based architects and our creative directors, who have successfully transformed two of public installations into unforgettable experiences.

This year especially there was a strong competition in the awards, Red Dot received more than 8,051 applications across 18 categories from 50 countries, setting a new record in terms of entry numbers.



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Preciosa is a Czech based lighting manufacturer providing unique and stylish custom-made design based on the craftsmanship of whole generations of glassmakers.

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