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Recipe for Concept and Capitol HPS have a cooperation since 2018

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Suppliers

Since 2018, Capitol HPS and Recipe for Concept have decided to cooperate. Capitol HPS is the exclusive Area Developer for Best Western in Georgia and Recipe for Concept is therefore the restaurant & bar concept provider for Capitol HPS.

Capitol HPS

The main goal of Capitol HPS is to promote the development of tourism and its infrastructure in Georgia. The company is part of the Capitol Group alongside other ventures established by private Kazakh investments in various sectors (agriculture, industry, construction, development, management, tourism, etc.)

Capitol HPS is the official representative in Georgia of the well-known American „Best Western Hotels & Resorts” brand of hotels which is the largest chain of its kind in the world, currently uniting under its 11 brands more than 4,100 independent hotels in over 100 countries.

The main task of Capitol HPS is to facilitate the expansion of “Best Western Hotels & Resorts” in Georgia. Nowadays the company has already four operating hotels under “Best Western Hotels & Resorts” network in Georgia and this year it plans to open another 4 Best Western. Accordingly by the end of 2018 there will be presented 8 hotels under „Best Western Hotels & Resorts“ 3 basic brands in 6 cities of Georgia including 4 resorts. Capitol HPS predict that the number of brand member hotels will reach 12 by the end of 2020.

The company also helps and advises individuals and companies interested in investing in the tourism sector with issues such as construction, the equipment and management of hotels and other types of tourism infrastructure.

If clients wish to do so, Capitol HPS also considers full-package services—from searching for interesting real estate for potential projects to the management of completed ones.

Recipe for Concept

Recipe for Concept stands for a high quality approach with a strong sense of European contemporary cuisine, respecting the old and seeking out the new. Together with Recipe for Concept, Capitol HPS will dish up memorable gastronomic venues, together. Like with all recipes, it’s all about mouth-watering ingredients.

Is your goal to create successful, approachable, hassle-free and uncomplicated experiences with finesse? Recipe for Concept will help to achieve exactly that, with a thoroughly developed high-class gastronomic concept, authentically seasoned with your character and ideas.

In order to be successful, a restaurant or a bar has to fit to the market’s needs and claim the perfect place instead of over-saturating nothing but the segment.

To achieve what you want, Recipe for Concept needs to see what you have. An early screening of the site is mandatory to create an authentic establishment. The company’s work is like a show-kitchen: with further concept mappings and screenings, you will be as close to every step as you can be.

You can’t want something that you don’t know – and a restaurant or a bar needs to create a desire on behalf of the potential customer. That requires an absolutely clear and defined theme. Because nothing is more appetizing than knowing exactly what you are getting.

»What’s your signature menu?« is a frequently asked question when visiting a new restaurant or bar. Make sure you serve the right answer. Once this question is answered with a remarkably crafted dish or drink, people won’t ask again – because they know and spread the word.

A successful restaurant or bar not only convinces through its concept and menu but also through its distinctive design. Coherent elements as well as a fitting look on cards, signs, clothing and ads will catch attention and stick in the customers minds. Naturally, as you eat with your eyes first.

Finding the matching interior for your unique concept and creating the corresponding atmosphere is no piece of cake. That’s why Recipe for Concept cooperates with an internationally renowned architecture group. So you can benefit from integral concepts – a translation from service and cuisine to colors, fabrics, materials, decoration and ambiance.

The public areas need to please the customer. But everything around and behind needs to please you. With a well thought-out functional design matching your personal work flow and the premises, you increase effectiveness which deliciously pleases the customer even more in the end.

While thinking big, remember the little things: Only the right equipment will convey the desired impression and ensure appropriate presentation of your dishes and drinks. A suitable selection accompanies your whole concept like an exquisite side dish.

Passion and ambition make a great starter. But to become successful, a precise budgeting and financial plan needs to be set up regarding your concept and goals. Without following this plan closely, the best concept won’t get its piece of the pie.


― About the Supplier ―

Recipe for Concept provides professional restaurant and bar concept development as well as food and beverage solutions, hands-on food & beverage consulting as well as food & beverage concept placement & planning services.



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