Prevent etching & staining on your beautiful stone countertops

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Suppliers

The TuffSkin team regularly offers continuing education to design decision makers through the Natural Stone Institute, educating design/ décor professionals about the benefits of using natural stone in design along with providing practical suggestions on how to best protect and maintain the beauty of natural stone.

Hospitality- and designer-recommended TuffSkin has been solving housekeeping and maintenance issues in commercial properties, residences and in the hospitality industry.

Frank Friedlander, vice president and developer, invented the product in 2007 to solve a problem for a hotel’s engineer. The company now serves hospitality, commercial and residential clients worldwide.

Lelia Friedlander, president of TuffSkin, said educating decor experts and designers is a priority for TuffSkin and in line with the company’s core values. Attendees will have the opportunity to test the benefits of TuffSkin personally to see how it works.

The acid and stain-free formula increases durability and longevity of marble, onyx or travertine by eliminating etching and staining caused by alcohol, coffee, water, wine, juice, oils, lemons, perfume, toothpaste and makeup. TuffSkin also tolerates heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because TuffSkin’s laminate is liquid impermeable but gas permeable, it lets stone “breathe.” It disappears on surfaces and brings out the stone’s natural beauty.

TuffSkin’s original Gloss is perfect for polished stone while TuffSkin’s newer Satin complements a honed stone surface.

The company’s Gloss product won the Surface/Coating Systems Award in the Applied Finishes and Materials category in the 2012 International Interior Design Association’s Hospitality Design competition. TuffSkin expanded its residential division in 2016.

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TuffSkin Surface Protection makes Marble, Onyx and Travertine counter tops practical for the hospitality industry.



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