ONE and ONE UP by VALLONE®: New bath furniture collections turn bathrooms into private backstage-lounges

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Suppliers

The German bath design brand VALLONE® starts the end of the year with two new bath furniture collections
ONE and ONE UP by VALLONE®. The puristic and modern designs offer a selection of individual compositions,
innovative materials and exquisite natural woods. As they are produced in Northern Italian manufactories under
strict quality controls, the collections fulfill the highest requirements for aesthetics and quality.
The bath furniture selection with integrated wash basin solutions embody the flair of minimalism and purism
while matching the brand’s design language. Both collections are available in different dimensions while great
focus is placed on individualism: Bath owners can choose between various wash basin styles, base unit
compositions and between a selection of matching bath accessories.

ONE by VALLONE®: Symbiosis between new nanotechnology and robust natural woods

With ONE by VALLONE®, whose body is composed of the innovative material solution Fenix NTM®, the brand
presents a technically advanced and highly qualitative collection. Its body is similar to the frame of an art piece
inclined inwards at an angle of 45°, extends over all four sides and depending on the design integrates one or
two stainless steel wash basins which are discreetly hidden under a removable drain plate.
Within the interior design sector Fenix NTM® is considered as a new, future-oriented material as it differentiates
itself with its scratch-resistant and robust, yet aesthetically appearance. Furthermore, the water-resistant
material is characterized by its resistance against bacteria, dirt and dry heat. Its opaque surface results from its
low light reflectivity which offers bath owners the ideal protection against finger prints and a pleasantly soft
touch. Fenix NTM® owes these characteristics to the nanotechnology which allows thermal repair of micro
scratches. To satisfy the maximum demand for individualism and design, the brand offers six color shades for the Fenix body.

The fronts are either available in thermo-treated timber, porcelain stoneware, Hard Surface Technology (HST)
décor panels or in many modern and natural color shades. HST fronts are ecological panels with a surface
characterized by a pleasant wood effect of great visual quality whose surface is due to application of pressure
and heat extremely robust, hygienic and resistant to scratches and chemicals. This collection furthermore offers
fronts made from Fenix material for a holistic look.

ONE UP by VALLONE®: Timeless bath furniture with counter-top sinks 

The heart of the collection ONE UP by VALLONE® is a body extending over all four sides, which just like with ONE
by VALLONE® is inclined inwards at an angle of 45°. Its body is available either in natural oak or classic white
matte. This collection’s decisive characteristic is the possibility to choose between an integrated wash basin
solution made from high-quality solid surface material or a combination of cover and top plate in white matt
Velvet Stone mineral material. For the integrated solution as well as for cover plate there is the possibility to
choose between a matt and glossy surface made from Mineralmarmo® or a thermo-formed top made from
As well as with the collection ONE the highly qualitative fronts made from thermo-treated timber, porcelain
stoneware, HST décor panels or in many modern and natural color shades offer greater scope for bath owners’
individual tastes.

The entire collections are available in the VALLONE® E-Boutique. More information about the products under

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VALLONE® – the boutique for avant-garde bathroom design with a destinct international flair. With our extravagant collection of bathtubs and sinks we seek to bring style and comfort to your home.


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