On working together: interior designers & procurement consultants

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Suppliers

Not unlike the right and left hemispheres of the brain, Interior Designer and Procurement Consultants are equally critical to the successful completion of a hotel project. Designers lend their creative flair while Procurement Consultants lend their expertise in functionality and logistics. Both parties play an integral role in the final outcomes of the guest user experience, possibly the one that guests interact with the most.

Though traditionally purchasing occurs after the design stage, it is recommended that Procurement Consultants be brought in earlier, during planning and conceptualization. For owners and developers, an immediate benefit of this is gaining valuable insight into the hotel project’s BoQ and preliminary budget. HPG International Middle East & Africa (HPGI MEA), procurement consultants for luxury 5-star and boutique 4-star hotels, are advocates of working with a hotel project’s design team from primary stages. According to Darryl Rego, Managing Director of HPGI MEA, HPGI MEA’s team expertise is comprised of extensive backgrounds in Interior Design, Architectural draughting, Joinery, Quantity Surveying and knowledge of AutoCAD. This allows them to naturally work alongside Interior Designers by ensuring that their design concepts have functional feasibility.


HPGI MEA also help create brand specifications. This ensures that all proposed design elements are in accordance with the hotel brand standards. Accuracy and adherence to brand standards, especially at the design stage, have a direct, far-reaching impact on the overall project budget and the value of the hotel. This is especially helpful for designers when proposing items for newer hotel projects.


With extensive product knowledge and access to global manufacturers, Procurement Consultants are an obvious fit for Interior Designers. They can efficiently carry out the vision of the designer and owner by tapping into their network of global suppliers of premium products at optimum prices. HPGI MEA also assists with delivery, logistics and installation along with strict adherence to quality during manufacturing, production and installation.


The key role of Procurement Consultants is to ensure that the entire process from design to completion is smoothly executed, on time and within budget. By pairing spatial design skills of consulting with technical skills of end-to-end procurement, hotel owners can avail of design expertise and efficient execution for their projects.

With a project portfolio spanning 2,500 projects globally, HPGI MEA has worked with notable Interior Designers such as La Casa, Wimberley Interiors, LWD, Q Design, KCA International and others to deliver superior and timely outcomes by delivering excellence in both, design and execution.

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