Oh la la!: Hotel Chais Monnet in Cognac designs to impress

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Design

The story of a $75m transformation of an ancient warehouse in France’s Cognac region.

A stunning new hotel has opened in a renovated Cognac warehouse in the French town of the same name, known for its production of the famous spirit. The warehouse building has been brought back to life, along with some brilliant contemporary additions that has turned Cognac into a true destination. We find out more.

Warehouse to luxury hotel

France’s Loire Valley and Champagne regions are famous for their houses and chateaus, but Cognac is a less well-known region in terms of being a destination with some luxurious properties.

Well, this is no longer the case, since the opening of the incredibly opulent Hôtel Chais Monnet.

Named after the Father of Europe, Jean Monnet, whose family owned the site and its Cognac warehouse, this impressive collection of buildings encompasses past and present to tell the story of one of France’s most famous drinks, Cognac, which has been making a comeback in recent years.

As Cognac attempts to shed its stuffy reputation and reimagine itself as a trendy drink instead of one for grandparents, the renovated warehouse and its adjoining buildings executed in glass and steel are the result of a €66 million ($75.2 million) investment, a serious amount of money in a town like Cognac.

Design leads the way

While guests might come for the Cognac, it is really the exquisite design of the completely transformed warehouse that is the true highlight.

This 105-room property also boasts a conference centre, state-of-the-art spa and some of the most prestigious names in fine dining that France has to offer.

The hotel’s 92 guest rooms and 13 apartments are designed to the height of luxury by a team of architects from Paris, who have channeled the sophisticated spirit of Cognac into the elegant yet minimal design.

The guest rooms are located in the new additions on site, which are crafted from contemporary materials such as glass and steel, while the 19th century warehouse building has been stripped back to expose its Victorian steelwork and the brick of the cellars.

Located within the walls of the former warehouse are tea rooms, ballrooms and a bespoke Cognac bar, which is rumoured to serve over 400 varieties of the spirit.

Serene walkways that are lined with carp pools and customised showers that rain down on guests are just some of the charming quirks that can be enjoyed in this enviable property.

Hôtel Chais Monnet is sure to put Cognac on the map as one of the hottest destinations in France for 2019, and Michelin star chef   heads up the two on-site restaurants, La Distillerie and Les Foudres.

Chais Monnet even has its own cocktail, the 1838, made with the region’s most famous export, Cognac.

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